And then he says “price of old age”. It also gives us a peek of Indian mindset: It was long ago. The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel is a satirical poem written in the form of a conversation between a professor and his student. It’s like he’s assuming that the student assumes that he has retired because of poor health.

To describe their social and financial condition, the retired professor says they both own cars. The explanation is so hilarious! Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Pradeep says 4 years ago. I am happy for that.

Other also doing well, though not so well. Thus he wants to say that they are quite rich and well-settled now. Sahid says 2 years ago. What kind of third class summary?

I have done my M. Adithya says 4 years pgofessor. How is your health keeping?

Poem – The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel | Short Summary and Analysis

Once I taught you geography. In this poem which is a Dramatic Monologuea Professor namely Professor Seth meets a person who was once his student.

the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

Keywords — the professor poem 1. In an effort to seem urbane and modern, the old professor mimics the “conventional wisdom” of the new thinking, How many issues you have?


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By God’s grace, all my children Are well settled in life. Vinayak Agarwal says 3 years ago. Thanks for helping me as well. The sentence in fundamentally wrong. What is the summary of the poem?

I can send a better picture through facebook. What is the summary of the poem father returning home?

Refer to the following images…if the picture isnt clear do inbox me!!! It also gives us a peek of Indian mindset: Ranya says 3 years ago. Upon further contemplation and discussion, a few more points come to attention: In India, like in countries all over the world, the previous generations had large families. The poem reflects the misplaced values of class, status and sometimes mediocre values held by certain so-called educated individuals in India.

He even asks his student how many issues he has. The talks between the ex-student and the retired professor of Geography continues it in a healthy spirit where the latter is a spokesman while the former a mere listener of his. Answered Mar 13, He then introduces himself as Professor Sheth who had once taught Geography to that student.


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The Professor Poem by Nissim Ezekiel | Summary & Analysis

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the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

I am going out rarely, now and then Only, this is price of old age But my health is O. Overall the poet makes fun of Indian English in this poem.