Kiran, Karinki Ravi Identification of Drought and developing a crop yield model using Meteorological and Geospatial data. Bankoti, A K S Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin film with a spectrum from micro to nano range structures. Gupta , Manoj Kumar Some novel digital image filters for suppression of impulsive noise. Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite. T , Mita Kumar Image adaptive watermarking using wavelet transform. Roy, Pinkar Optical Music Recognition. Dalai , Sisir Kumar Numerical analysis of diaphragm type pulse tube refrigerator.

Satapathy, Sitipragyan Development of gelatin based hydrogel,emulsion hydrogel,bigel: Bhatt, Karan Molecular basis for memory storage and addiction. National conference “Bioengineering” [Conference] More Bhattacharyya, Prasun Design of a novel high speed dynamic comparator with low power dissipation for high speed ADCs. Shankar, A Wide-area controller design for two area power systems using robust control. Sahu, Madhusmita Computation of dynamic slices of aspect oriented programs. Lata, Sujata Studies on removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution using plant based biosorbents.

Amara, Chandrasekhar Adaptive hysteresis based fuzzy controlled shunt active power filter for mitigation of harmonics. Kurma, Satish Eourkela and stability of composite panels with geometrical discontinuities.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Sha, Bibhu Bhusan Numerical and experimental investigation of common header pulsating heat pipe. Baad, S Vibration analysis and damping characteristics of hybrid composite plate using finite element analysis. Nandy, Thewis Kumar Heat transfer analysis of blast furnace refractory lining.


TripathySungyani Load carrying capacity of skirted foundation on sand. Gupta, Suvra Fuzzy logic based soft starting of induction motor with current control.

Vully, Mahesh Kumar Facial expression detection using principal component analysis. Rana, Subal Chandra Development of a mathematical model for mixing index in gas- solid fluidized Bed.

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Prusty, Sankata Bhanjan Linearization and analysis of level as well as thermal process using labview. Theais, Suprabeet Modelling critical gaps for U-turn vehicles at median openings under Indian mixed traffic conditions.

Behera, Sukumar Seismic analysis of multistorey building with floating column. Chauhan, Ram Narayan Sonoelectrochemical synthesis of ultrafine copper deposits at ambient and sub-ambient temperatures.

Goswami, T A laboratory study on use of bitumen emulsion in gravel road. Haran Pragalath, D C Support optimization tool for aero engine configuration systems. Panda, Soumya Ranjan Junctionless Tyesis Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Modelling Approach. Purohit, Abhilash Dephosphorization of steel produced from sponge iron in the induction furnace.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Implications for Everyday Life. Gautam, Girish Biometric identification using analysis of cardiac sound.

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Alleviating the center node. B, Mallikarjun Response of extended eulerbernoulli beam under impulse load using wavelet spectral finite element rourkepa. Jamal, Md Ashraf Analysis and classification of EEG signals using mixture of features and committee neural network.


Tirkey, Sanjeeb Kumar Three dimensional analysis of lateral extrusion of some complex forms. Silver medal for best thesis.

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SrikanthE An enhanced index-based checkpointing algorithm for distributed theis. Debnath, Kishore A study on mechanical behavior and damage assessment of short bamboo fiber based polymer composites. Mishra, J Suppression of blocking artifact in compressed image. Pharm, MS in any branch of biological sciences Mathematics M. G, Hemanth Kumar Eexperimental and numerical studies on behaviour of frp strengthened deep beams with openings.

Pradhan, A Analysis of flow along the meander path of a highly sinuous rigid channel. Rojrkela, G Some studies on control of a DC-servo motor. Asthana, Somya Fabrication and characterization of phytochemicals incorporated ECM-polymer functional films for wound healing.

SwainAshish Kumar Modelling and simulation of stand-alone self-excited induction generator for wind power application.

Dave, Manish B Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio: Kumar, Krishan Development of porcine omentum fat derived extracellular matrix based scaffold and microbeads for soft tissue engineering. Murmu, A K Adpative image interpolation.