Various sizes of such machines are available from as small as 1. Pergamon Press Ltd, London, pp — This may be due to toughness and age of the crop. It is also used in curing all bronchial complaints e. The machine consists mainly of the following parts as shown in Fig. The three sizes of yam samples responded to slicing the same way. Each test was analyzed for conformity with the standard thickness, using a vernier-caliper.

Therefore, the development of appropriate, low-cost, easy to operate and maintain plantain slicer is long overdue. The experiment was arranged in Randomized Block design and each treatment was replicated three times. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; J Food Sci Technol. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

They further reported that P. Slicing is a cutting process for size reduction of fruits and vegetables.

literature review on plantain slicer

Existing theories for peeling and ligerature Kachru et al. Belt and pulley selection The belt and pulley system are necessary for power transmission from the electric motor to the shaft. The process of cutting or slicing the crops gives rise to faster cooking.

Development of a plantain slicing device

The operations involved in processing root and tuber crops include washing, peeling, size reduction chipping, slicing and gratingdrying and milling. Test results with the machine in slicing samples of onion, carrot, yam and potato indicated satisfactory performance.

This shows that the present literahure will definitely satisfy the need of the increasing local plantain chips producer.


Transactions of the ASAE, 16 6: The analysis of the total loading condition of the shaft is shown in Fig. The average number of slices that fell in acceptable range was andcorresponding respectively to Efficiency of the plantain slicer was determined based on the average number of slices produced.

Development of a plantain slicing device

It was fabricated from 50 mm x 50 mm mild steel angle of 6 mm thickness. This was obtained using the formula:. The shaft is made of mild steel and is being supported on two sliceer elements bearings and at both ends of the shaft will be attached the driven pulley and the cutting disc. The belt and pulley system are necessary for power transmission from the electric motor to the shaft. The capacity decreased with increase in speed.

There are cassava chippers, tomato slicers, okro slicers and other root and vegetable choppers. Development of an plqntain slicing device. The cost estimate of the prototype includes the cost of workmanship and the estimation was based on the current cost of the materials used for the fabrication of the prototype machine.

Ingram observed that peeling and slicing of tubers were done manually.

literature review on plantain slicer

The preservation of almost all processed root and tuber crop products depends on reducing the moisture to a level which prevents the growth of microorganism. Due to the nature of the selected crops, a device for slicing is expected to be thin and sharp.


The efficiency increased with increase in knife speed. Abstract Plantains are usually processed after harvesting in order to increase its shelf life.

literature review on plantain slicer

Plantain Musa Paradisiaca L. It was bolted to the top of the main upper housing. Isometric view of the multi-crop slicing machine. Crops are often sliced before cooking and steaming, either for direct consumption litertaure as one step in a processing system.

The samples of slicet and tuber crops were classified into small, medium and large based on their measured physical properties Table 1. The orthographic projection and the exploded view of the machine are presented in Figs. The sweet potato is held on the cutting platform against a plate, which controls the thickness of slice. The main frame is the unit of the machine on which all other components of the machine are supported.

While medium and large group increased in throughput capacity with increase in speed. It was fabricated for made of 1.