A variant used in The Order of the Stick – “That’s right up there with I turned into a werewolf and ate my own homework”. The Dog Ate My Homework. An episode of Angela Anaconda had Angela’s dog actually eat her homework her mom accidentally spilled bacon grease on it while her dad was looking it over , but of course no one believed her. Sweeney that he wasn’t lying. Well I’m using the magic paint so what else is there? As the world’s greatest detective, he is trying to solve the strange case of the missing homework

Active topics Unanswered topics. Well, it seems really silly when you put it like that. Basically, this is any child character explaining to his teacher why he hasn’t done his homework. Eaten by a family member? Kick and Brianna agree to keep their blunder a secret, but Kick struggles with the mounting guilt.

kick buttowski dog ate my homework

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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Episode 19

In one episode of Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hillsone of the heroes was doing her homework when they’ve been called into battle. In Strange Visitors hommework Another Century one of Salazar Slytherin’s students claims his pet bowtruckle ate his homework and Slytherin assigns him an essay on the importance of having a ready excuse.

In another Discworld book, it’s mentioned that at Unseen University, your homework could eat the dog. When Gunther gets grounded on the night of Boom McCondor’s BMX Joust, Magnus evidently wanting to give him a sporting chance challenges Kick to a BattleSneegan to see if he can get Gunther on the sidewalk before sundown if he doesn’t Gunther’s grounding gets extended for a year and if that’s not bad enough Magnus has never ever lost a BattleSneegan before.


However, in his quest to become an athlete, he causes some chaos when he has trouble following Coach Sternbeck’s rules. To defeat the competition, Kick and Gunther turn to school woodshop teacher One-Eyed Jackson, a legendary go-cart racer, for help.

List of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil episodes

Kick, Brad and the other kids must stop her before they get grounded forever. When Oskar actually eats his first copy, he must now do two months worth of homework questions in less than 6 minutes, or he will fail the class. Tired of being bullied by Brad, Kick decides to train with a former champion wrestler.

Now normally that wouldn’t be so bad, but the Juliet of the play is Kendall. After a second Botched Reenactment when Kick tries to set the record straight by having Gunther do the reenactment instead of him, Gunther is now being mistaken homewlrk an ancient Buhtowski warrior when he along with Kick’s Family visits the Old Country.

Kick has to find a way to watch Oskar or he will be “grounded for life”. And later, Al literally eats Peg’s homework a roast rack of lamb. Retrieved from ” https: Sara Harkins —15, —present Yvonne Jennings Lists of Disney television series episodes. Dude, Where’s My Wade? Honey entrusts Kick with keeping a batch of her homemade cookies away from Harold.

Instead, they sniff it out and carefully bring it to her class buttowsi the kid forgot. Phil’s favorite excuse for missing notes or evidence in Medieval Cop.

Clarence Francis ‘Kick’ Buttowski is a boy who is the protagonist and titular character of Kick Buttowski: Briefly mentioned in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place when the Russos adopt a dragon that’s been transformed into a beagle.


Kick is sure it will be easy, but Harold will stop at nothing to get his hands on those cookies, exhibiting Kick-style determination.

Ren Stevens in Even Stevenswhen having to be paired up with a Pig, ended up having her homework eaten by the pig. Will he be forced to choice between the btutowski of two evils before Mellowbrook Elementary do torn apart?

The teacher later sarcastically asked if a dog ate homswork homework.

Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Episode 19 – video dailymotion

You need to login to do this. He tells one about being abducted by aliens at Picadilly Circus.

kick buttowski dog ate my homework

Gunther does not appear in this episode. Chicarelli go play shuffleboard. It’s so old, no one will believe him.

Kick can’t get a wink of sleep when Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle compete wte who is his 1 fan and throw him a celebration in honor of his latest stunt. Kick is torn between two promises to help Gunther and Billy Stumps with their shows at 7: Harold makes them play ping pong to decide who gets control over the TV for a night which is the way the Buttowski family used to settle things when Harold was younger rather butrowski fighting.