I graduated from a public university, and there were many such students in my classes. ITT has been a leading educator in the U. I was accepted to attend ITT in Orland Park Illinois in their school of nursing, I attended the school for 13 months after 13 months of working hard, attending classes they decided I would not be allowed to return because the classes they accepted upon my initial enrollment, they were no longer going to accept the options they gave me were to retake these classes, test out of these classes or not return to the school,it was their mistake but I had to pay the price for it these classes were Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Chemistry just to name a few I am now paying back a loan I chose to leave the school, because I was not going to retake classes I had already taken and passed, it was a total of 7 classes, and I had already invested 13 months in the school,they treated me like I had made the error they were horrible to me I hope they shut everyone of them down, I truly feel sorry for the students who are enrolled in that place. By now, the mor. They took out loans in my name too when I didn’t ask for them. As long as you have a pulse, are a citizen or permanent resident, and not in default on any federal student loans, you can get “accepted” into ITT.

Thats not a whole lot of students considering that at any given time over the past 8 years over 41, students are enrolled at ITT. Students that live within driving distance of Valencia California have real options! I just hope that once I graduate I would have the credentials I need to either further my education or work for companies that benefit from my field. I’m a vp of engineering in a technology startup and have been hiring my load of engineers over the last few years. I will say that when I started, ITT was a great place to work, and employees–particularly instructors–were always concerned about helping students be as successful as they could be.


They charge full price for hard copies of the books but set you up with e-book that the school computers cant load properly.

So to those who read this webpage before signing up uust remember. Just so I could try to be prepared for the even more difficult Math 2 in the 3rd quarter. For those counting ITT disallowed a total of 15 classes, granted of those 5 of them I had to take twice and 3 of them I had to take 3 times.

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I bet you any big colleges you will find some students that have the same comments. They kept passing him to the next quarter. Many posts to this web site mention that they found several good instructors within the Capstonee institution and don’t always blame the instructors.

itt tech ceet capstone project

I have found that ITT’s educational ideology is very poor at teaching any meaningful aspects of the course at hand. Some students were swayed by a “sales-pitch” when they signed up at ITT-Tech. Sometimes you wont understand what you did until a different prohect, but it all comes together.

During the cpstone process there is no assessment or gap analysis performed to determine where a person stands as compared to the course’s curriculum, especially in math. I had been working in Information Technology for almost two years before I wised up and went for a priject in Information Technology.

Last but not least, I had a teacher begging me to do my Bachelor’s at DeVry. Just like any school, you get out of it what you put into it.

I don’t care if I’m a multimillionaire, you don’t go and steal!! I have found issues with the knowledge and skill levels in many of them.

December 2012

Do you think they really give a damn about education? It could have been my issue, not sure.

itt tech ceet capstone project

ITT wouldn’t even accept my credits from community college. You may follow ITT’s stock prices here: When they report to me an instructor is abusive, I go to the Dean. We even had to wait out in front of classes with a clip board making sure they arrived.


While the company and many of its top level management employees were unethical and while the company itself preyed on both students and staff in its practices–and I had direct experience, there is sadness for those faculty and adjuncts who relied on what income they received, and sadness for students capstonf are now left with credits that do not transfer.

My ITT Experience

I know everything about them. I have so many stories to share with everyone about the scams that they have pulled. The first mistake is they didn’t even read it. Unfortunately for you, the people who attend ed ITT-Tech will never need your services, because most of them are flipping burgers right now.

I asked how it was possible for him to not know how to do it if he had to deal with it in past classes, he said and I quote, “I think in my last class no one did it.

December 2011

A clerical error on the part of HQ and the employee suffers? I remember in my physics class so many people failed the final that they decided to grade on a curve that was almost a C. To start off, I was laid to about my student loans. Sadly, I did just that. Only to pay almost twice as much for my new degree to train myself.

itt tech ceet capstone project

I was being treated as if I was an idiot and didn’t know any better. Things were good in criminal justice, having a 4. Right before I did I found out that they never turned in my financial aid papers on top of that they kept my Pell Grant from August.