Hsun Tzu on the other hand believes that human beings are fundamentally evil and self-seeking. But as soon as his born he is more driven towards all the wrongdoings so his nature can be originally pure and good. Religion in the Americas Teaching and Education Cite This Term Paper: For a person to be good and just the evnroment and the people he associates with have to also poses goodness because a person adapts to what he is exposed to.

Mencius believes that human nature is fundamentally good, everyone has a heart that is sensitive to the suffering of others. Theory of Literature Itis our fate that governs our fortunes and determines our lease on life. Every person in the world is born with the four virtues of human nature, not to use them is like disabling oneself. This is why an individual needed to be taught by a sage how to become good.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Law, Science, and Technology There was millions of ways to show how men are evil.

A Comparison of Teachings: The creatures too would not have been obsessed with their own satisfaction, but rather they would have been more interested in their partner’s satisfaction. To demonstrate this Hsun Tzu uses the analogy of a potter who molds clay into a vessel, the vessel is not a product of the potter’s human nature, but rather of the potter’s conscious activity Austin, Page Mencius believed that all human hssun are born good.

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Theory of Literature Click to download the paper! Therefore it is impossible for a person to learn nature because either the person has it or not and one can not just learn it, one can only with effort adapt through conscious activity. Latin American Literature Its is man s emotional nature to love profit and desire gain. How about make it original? If the children are not given proper teachings they would become uncivilized, and ineffective towards contributing anything in society.


Law and Society He also concluded that humans had a choice, a key element that made them superior to animals.

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Each well-argued chapter is devoted to a single topic, such as self-cultivation, proper kingly rule, the recruitment of officials, military affairs, and music. Hsun Tzu on the other hand believes that Mencius does not distinguish nature and conscious activity.

Film and Movies Race and Ethnicity The ideas of Hsun Tzu seemed to resonate well with the people of China. Sports and Recreation For a person to become good, they will need to follow the ritual essat of sages.

Hsun Tzu on the other hand believes that human beings are fundamentally evil and self-seeking. Both Mencius and Hsun Tzu are brilliant Chinese philosophy thinkers and followers of Confucius, however, their perception of human nature is quite different.

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Mencius believes that man s nature is good, and that all evil arises because he loses his original nature. The heart of compassion is ewsay germ of benevolence; the heart of shame, of dutifulness; the heart of courtesy and modesty, of observance of the rites; the heart of right and wrong, of wisdom. Click to learn more https: Hsun Tzu believes that anyone can become a good person but it is not their nature to be good and that is why they have to work at it.


If human nature was fundamentally good then there would be no need to protect people and society could live without laws, authority and the justice system. Sociology of the Family The official would be taught self-cultivation in order to better his virtues and live a modest life.

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Hsun Tzu stated that people were naturally born evil because they had desires to gain profit for their own good. Without teachings people would not have managed to savor the different tastes, yet before the teachings, they used to have the same taste, but since they were not aware of them they could not have differentiate the tastes Bloom.

hsun tzu essay

Hsun Tzu view is that all humans are born with the same nature which is evil however if they willing than they are able to transform rzu nature with the help of a guide to be good. Environmental Economics and Policy Text and Data Mining Four Different Ordering Options: