Process of Diagnosing Seizures and Recommending Mgmt A client is admitted with a cervical spine injury sustained during a diving accident. Discuss nursing care for the child with ICP. Which action is a priority for this client? After striking his head on a tree while falling from a ladder, a young man is admitted to the emergency department. When family members ask the nurse about the purpose of the ventriculostomy system being used for intracranial pressure monitoring for a patient, which response by the nurse is best? The nurse observes that a client’s upper arm tremors disappear as he unbuttons his shirt.

Fluctuating symptoms are characteristic of delirium. Which of the following over-the-counter medications that the patient is taking routinely should the nurse discuss with the patient? What is sensory aphasia? The client will continue adequate tissue perfusion 1 hour after treatment. Which of the following techniques does the nurse avoid when changing a client’s position in bed if the client has hemiparalysis? Akenesia An unconscious patient receiving emergency care following an automobile crash accident has a possible spinal cord injury.

Head tilt-chin lift c. Which action can the nurse delegate to nursing assistive personnel NAP constipatiob regularly work in the intensive care unit? Dyskenesia Recognize changes in neurological status. I’ve got to go see my doctor.

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Cancer of any kind. Prone, with a pillow under the abdomen c. A client is scheduled for an initial treatment of electroconvulsive therapy ECT.


hesi case study constipation quizlet

Which of these admission orders should the nurse question? What should be done on a post retinal detachment surgery? Advantages of pregabalin A client is thrown from an automobile during a collision.

Evolve Case Study Constipation Answers

Discuss the nursing implications for medications ordered for patients with a spinal cord injury. Administer PRN lorazepam Ativan to provide sedation. Sliding the client to move up in bed. At which time should the nurse make certain that the medication is taken? The physician’s prescription says “pilocarpine ophthalmic solution Pilocar0. What is motor aphasia? She says, “She sleeps most of the day and is up most of the night.

During the hospital stay, the nurse would expect to see uesi of the following? How often are hearing aid batteries changed? Stufy assessing the older adult, the nurse should know which findings represent common physiological changes associated with aging and which are abnormal findings.

A normal and common physiological change is: The nurse notes that the client’s pilocarpine solution is cloudy. Discuss nursing care for the child with CP. Potpartum Answers – Marie Wilson evolve case study.

Evolve Case Study Constipation Answers

Eliminating distracting stimuli such as turning off the television. Identifying self and making sure that the nurse has the client’s attention.


hesi case study constipation quizlet

When developing a plan to decrease stroke risk, which risk factor is most important for the nurse to address? Which of these prescribed PRN medications should the nurse administer initially?

During the admission process, the client presents her advance directive, which states that she doesn’t want intubation, mechanical ventilation, or tube feedings should her condition deteriorate. Explain the use of emergency equipment for patients with a seizure disorder. Pulmonary function study results C. Do mtDNA or nuclear microsatellites evolve faster. Decerebrate posturing as a response to pain indicates: Often the disease goes into remission. After calling the ambulance, which is the most appropriate action by the nurse?

Allowing plenty of time for chewing and swallowing Hearing Loss Hesi Hint 1 The care plan for a patient who has increased intracranial pressure and a ventriculostomy includes the following nursing actions.