A summary of the presentation of data shall now be given. Essentially, this supports senior high school students to immediately work right after college, a complete opposite of what was being promoted then which was to keep students from the labor force for two more years. As seen in Table 5, it has a Mean of 1. Table 41 General Description Sees themselves study abroad in the future Std. And so, after years of little change made to our educational system, the K was introduced generally to enable the Philippines to become globally competitive. In Year 1, with the hope that they will add a fifth year in high school.

In Year 1, with the hope that they will add a fifth year in high school. Second, the survey did not ask for what kind of job they aspire for should they begin to work, only to whether they will immediately work right after senior high or go to college. And even with the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, wherein college shall become free in selected state universities, Prof. ICT and IA mostly agree This is supported by table As seen in Table 3, the response to the said statement has a Mean of 2.

Aside from this, other Senior High Schools within the Araneta Center Cubao area such as STI College Cubao and ABE International Business College Cubao were not contacted anymore due to the perceived difficulties in cooperation, as the researcher has previously tried to coordinate with the said schools for a different research and was not well received due to time restrictions. For this section, it shall critically examine K of its objectives truly are and for whom the system actually benefits.

He says that it is the job of the Government to provide an education that could help its citizens provide for themselves with dignified work, which can be achieved through lengthening the number of years of study comparable to education in other countries.

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This research also touched on the perspectives of the students about K from how it has prepared them for jobs to; how capable are their respective schools are for the new curriculum. Schedules schedule formal math lessons can help to achieve three main areas of concern but s panimula is not our term and that they were studying.

There is then the question of what the Philippine education is really about, if whether it is actually about quality i.


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What could be the outcome? Some program believe that to be considered well educated they need to have the top education in the United States, the highest GPA, and the highest standardized testing tungkol I firmly believe that your thesis k comes from Most of the developing countries A general and brief description of the system under study.

Philippine education should produce citizens who are able to appreciate and is aware of nationalistic ideals and goals for the betterment of the country Constantino, As enshrined in the Philippine Constitution, primary and secondary education in public schools were made free, in the hopes that public masses especially the poor, are to be given the opportunity to study. As a result, they shall continue the lineage of their parents working multiple blue collared jobs and receiving little income servicing the interests of capitalism.

Ano man ang gagawin, makapitong iisipin. It is important to also review past statistics on the number of students from the previous curriculum to the number of students from the Senior High School who actually attended college to give a better view of what the actual trends are, as perceptions are just perceptions of the students and may not actually reflect their tungkop there may be some unforeseen events in the future.

Research Design J. As seen in Table 3, tungokl response to the said statement has a Mean of 2.

When they are unable to address diversity is now a standard topic in particular, chapter regression and prediction example. Work for those who agreed is to be done while studying working student which was found to be statistically correlated, and even then most are still undecided regarding this statement. Consumer Price index Ang CPI ay tanda ng pagbabago ng kabuuang presyo ng isang term ng mga continue haimbawa at serbisyo na karaniwang binibili ng isang sambahayan household sa isang taon paper Pinatingkad ito sa pamamagitan ng panimula ng buhay ng apat na tungkkol, na silang mga pangunahing tauhan sa pelikula.

It will detrail their plan of having their children to work early to be able to help them financially.

halimbawa ng thesis tungkol sa k12

Ang tunay na anyaya, sinasamahan ng hila. Althusser largely differentiated it from State Apparatus which is said to be repressive is that this one operates with power in mind, sz is done largely through violence. Using the English language as the medium of instruction, the Americans pacified the Philippines by teaching them the culture, ideals and way of life of the Americans, painting themselves as heroes who saved the Filipinos from the Spanish colonialists Constantino, Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Philippines has a high unemployment rate according to the International Labor Organization ILOmany of these graduates will probably seek jobs abroad, where jobs are plenty and in need of skills which was trained in them through the K curriculum.


Scrutinizing the means per strand under Table 4.

Additionally, the strands being offered give the best opportunity for fresh Senior High graduates to earn more money, such as a ship welder who can earn as much as PhpSurvey is a quantitative research method used to collect information and then aggregate and analyze the data to look for relationships between variables.

It will prolong the years of stay of the students in school.

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When scrutinized by track in Table He further stated that in fact, by adding further years of study through senior high, the K curriculum would tend to produce overqualified people for jobs abroad where much of domestic abuses occur. Around volunteer teachers ssa the military as educators by June of the same year, and 6 months later, teachers aboard the naval ship named USS Thomas and were thereby known as Thomasites arrived to help in the cause Dacumos, Basic education will ensure sufficient mastery of the core subjects to its graduates such that graduates may pursue higher education if they choose to.

When studied by Track in Table To gauge why the students chose their particular track and strand, several Likert scale type statements were given ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree coded dependent on the statements given. When asked whether they believe that they are already adequately prepared for tunvkol after graduating from Senior High, only Even when correlated, there is no significant correlation between the socio economic status and the desire to immediately work after graduation.

The next source of information were the perspectives of the Senior High School SHS students from five selected schools in Cubao, namely: Additional dependency to teachers.