How, Ming Hui An interactive multimedia courseware for minimum mental retardation children. Chai, Yung Joon Object occlusion and object removal detection. A study on hospital-based nurses. Macha, Julius Joseph Intention to adopt microfinance services among smallholder farmers in Tanzania: Hence, people with the religion belief usually will be shaped from their own religious belief system and took for granted for what the religion had taught them to believe what was wrong and right.

In addition, numerous studies provide evidence that women are less prejudiced toward gay and lesbian people than men Horn, Wong, Zhen Yang Wearable power assisted pneumatic-based ankle foot orthosis. Lim, Shin Teng The phenomenon of blog campaigning: Wan, Mei Sze Investigation of alternative ingredients for the replacement of fish meal in formulation of feed for Malaysian mahseer fingerlings, Tor Tambroides. Lee, Kah Leng Assessment on various aspects of antibiotic resistance in Enterobacteriaceae.

Ooi, Jong Boon Analysis and optimization of portal axle unit using finite element modelling and simulation. Ng, Yong Han Simulation of 3D wafer surface reconstruction by wavefront sensing methods.

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Buddhism taught is about tolerance and respect to other individual although they maybe different from us. Gan, Aileen Li-Shen A rolling return analysis of the buy-and-hold strategy. Munusamy, Devatara Work and family influences on job satisfaction: Rajantharan, Shanti Investigation on the effect of ionic liquid and ionic mixture in biodegradable polymer electrolytesunder.


Quah, Yixian Cytotoxic activity of bioactive peptides derived from Malaysian marine sponge, Xestospongia Testudinaria, and soft coral, Sarcophyton Glaucum, on HeLa cells. Therefore, interdependent type of person may thesia people with more respect and tolerance as they prefer to work with other people in a harmony environment. Kimaro, Edmund Lawrence Analysing the effects of government expenditure and efficiency on economic growth in Tanzania.

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International Trade in China. Lim, Li Yur The impact of perceived leadership and ethical leadership behaviour on job satisfaction and organisational commitment.

fyp thesis utar

A Case Study in Malaysia. Foo, Shin Loong Study of dc-dc boost converter efficiency using capacitor as energy input.

In Malaysia, there are various ethnic groups other than Malays and Chinese i. Chin, Wui Keat The roles of human resource management in construction project success.

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Low, Chen Syen The project success rate and standard project management methodology thesi Malaysia. Malaysian public listed property companies. In trading services sector. The evidence in EU If I knew someone were gay, I would still go ahead and form a friendship 1 2 3 4 5 with that individual.

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Nowadays in Malaysia, every human being should be given an opportunity to be treated fair and equal. An, Eng Ling Design and manufacturing of generic unmanned aerial vehicle fuselage assembly payload bay, empennage, wheel assembly and wingbox via low cost fiber glass molsing process. Some of the participants were being given a brief explanation regarding to a certain jargon or ambiguous term i. Wan, Mei Sze Investigation of alternative ingredients for the replacement of fish meal in formulation of feed for Malaysian mahseer fingerlings, Tor Tambroides.


Lee, Yan Ming Novel two-way filter and diplexer. Contribution From Consumer Psychographic Charateristics. Attitudes toward homosexuality 51 Conclusion: Chai, Yung Joon Object occlusion and object removal detection. Thus, their results in this research maybe directly or indirectly reflect the perspectives of our current societies towards homosexuality. Dareen, Kusuma Halim Software defined radio-based transceiver system on low power multi-processor system-on-chip for internet of things.

Leong, Ryan Mingwan Public perception on the factors that influence customer loyalty on purchasing sportswear in Malaysia. Ban, Sau Keong Design and modeling of portable, economical and high payload unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial surveillance.

Tan, Chiew Thing Consumer impulse purchase behaviour towards ready-to-drink products in Malaysia. Chia, Isabelle Chai Yuin Multimedia courseware for developing business intelligence.

Low, Soo Yong Awareness of invasion of privacy on social networking site among youth in Malaysia: Ting, Lay Then Image-based object search on Android.