She-India All rights reserved. Reload Please fill the above code for verification. Last year he finished work on his latest film: Are we becoming more intolerant to wildlife? Getting the local residents to be on the side of wildlife is most difficult. Life just couldn’t get better for our snake man.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My love affair with reptiles began before my ‘age of reason’, in fact I was catching and keeping snakes at the tender age of 5 years, in my native New York State. More media exposure to the facts about reptiles, their usefulness to us in controlling rodents and cleaning the waterways in the case of crocs and controlling harmful insects in the case of lizards, will certainly help their plight. Salim Ali [11] in Tribals and Forest Resources Never one to stop and dwell on his achievements, Rom was then contracted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to help set up a network of tribal crocodile rearing stations across Papua New Guinea. Janaki Lenin’s Facebook Notes. He married Zai Whitaker , who was the niece of Dr.

World of Reptiles by Fatima Chowdhury Romulus Whitaker was only four years old when he caught his first snake in the country estate that he shared with his mother and sister in northern New York State.

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Archived 28 July at the Wayback Machine Chennai: City under siege readies to survive another Christmas — New Years deluge Scenic when viewed from a distance, the seductive hill city scattered around….

I managed to grab the tail and in my now prone position I looked up to see the hood of a large king cobra spread over me and a pair of not so friendly eyes glaring down at me. Previous article India Art Festival begins. All of this keeps Rom and his dynamic team very, very busy.


Tiger, gharial have slim future, says Romulus Whitaker

Retrieved from ” https: Somewhere in between the two activities, he attended classes. Proselytizing Conservation Then came movies. Later Rom followed that with his highly ambitious ‘King Cobra’ – an Romuls award winner. A short career in the Merchant Navy brought him back to India.

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A Reptile Park with a Difference Soon after alighting at Bombay, Rom set up a snake venom extraction venture outside Bombay to supply medicine producers.

In JanuaryWhitaker was in another Nature documentary on real-life reptiles such as Komodo dragons and Dracos that inspired tales of dragons. Out in the World Rom returned to the United States to do his degree in Army, where he trained and was a medic on a military base hospital in Japan.

With a sand boa coiled through his wild white hair, and his loudly colored hippie clothes, people gawked at Romullus as he pulled up on his motorbike. At home here in Chengalpattu we had to deal with a Russells viper that seems to like our garden and next week I’m likely to be in Agumbe radio-tracking king cobras: Rom moved his operation to Madras city and formally started India’s first reptile zoo, the Madras Snake Park.

The media has a lot to do with this raised awareness and should do even more to spread the word about roomulus snakebite with anti-venom serum instead of going to quack traditional healers who are partly responsible for the huge death rate by snakebite in India. The tribals were left jobless after the ban of snake trading.

The latter film is about the plight of India’s Critically Endangered gharial crocodile, the conservation of which is an ongoing preoccupation of this reptile man with a mission.


Rom’s stepfather was a pioneer in color film processing in Bombay now Mumbai for Bollywood.

For rojulus work in wildlife conservation, he received the Padma Shri award in India guarded these islands jealously and no foreigner had been allowed to work in these islands for witaker few decades since the British left India. What do you hope people will take away from your work and films on reptiles? We only have to localise that system. Do you think perceptions about reptiles are changing with the help of media and initiative by individuals like yourself?

essay on romulus whitaker

Janaki Lenin’s Facebook Notes. He teamed up with old school friends, Louise and John Riber and film maker Shekar Dattatri to make a series of movies on snakes, snakebite, tree planting, rainforests and the Irula Cooperative he had helped set up.


What has been his experience? Romulus Whitaker was only four years old when he caught his first snake in the country estate that he shared with his mother and sister in northern New York State.

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Wondrously, his artist mother, Doris Norden, encouraged him to the hilt and soon he started a collection of garter snakes and milk snakes at home. Rom is the Founder-Director of the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust Centre for Herpetology, actively whotaker in crocodile breeding and conservation programs. Retrieved 29 January Retrieved 27 December