Songs have always been a unique and important method of storytelling, and for helping people find empathy for the experiences of others. Linda has been a great guide and help to me as a friend and colleague in the Labor Party. Strangers felt closer to one another as a sense of unity washed over the crowd. Right up until the day before the Apology, people were voicing their concerns about the Northern Territory Emergency Response. We had to set up counselling services and quiet places inside Parliament, recognising that this day could bring up pain and upset for many people. I was determined to do what I could to get bipartisan agreement. I took up the Close the Gap approach and called for bipartisanship to meet these targets, knowing it would take many parliaments and successive governments to achieve.

Having the truth recognised is no small thing. He keeps himself objective, and he uses neutral words. It highlighted the suffering of Indigenous families under the Commonwealth, state and territory Aboriginal protection and welfare laws and policies. The State and Territory Governments, private companies and Reconciliation Australia also helped pay for flights for members of the Stolen Generations to come to witness the Apology. Instead it has become a sobering and shaming reminder of the seeming intractability of the malaise that sits at the heart of too many black lives and communities. Of course, the words he finally said were his own, but so many people contributed—some formally in writing, some by public comments, and some privately both to Kevin and to me.

At the Sydney Institute in Octoberjust three days before the election date was announced, Howard once again rejected an apology: Kevin was understandably worried something could go esasy.


Without Liberal support, we would have said it just on behalf of the Government. He noted that there were many recommendations in the Bringing them home report that have not been implemented. In this sentence Rudd uses logos to keep the topic to the business.

The Apology would be in the form of a motion by the House of Representatives. As Mick Dodson said:.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

Soon after there were five callers to the Rrudds switchboard offering to pay. Kevin said in his Apology speech:. The first person I spoke with was Mick Dodson. As the gruelling two-month inquest continues, the family of Aboriginal man Wayne Fella Morrison want someone to be held accountable for his death.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

It also concluded that welfare officials failed in their duty to protect Indigenous wards from abuse. Kevin Rudds sorry speach 9 September In this speech, Kevin Rudd, the Australian prime minister is giving a painstaking apology to the stolen generations and the aboriginals for their sorrow, pain and loss.

Us taken away kids only had each other. Her aim was to represent the continuing intergenerational effects of the removal of children. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was never going to erase the pain and trauma experienced by the Stolen Generations—but to acknowledge it and confront it.

But I point out to him, the measurable improvement is still failing to hit the targets, especially in key areas of improving life expectancy.

How We Said Sorry: Reflecting on the Apology, a Decade On

Again, Kevin told this story in his speech:. Outside, people were cheering. Across from us, in front of those giant gates, was a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Following the Apology, Aunty Lorraine Peeters, Aboriginal elder and a member of the Stolen Generations, presented a glass coolamon to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, with a message that said:. Protecting our children is up to all of us.


essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

Kevin wanted bipartisan commitment and emphasised the need to consult with Brendan Nelson. Find out what’s on.

In a now famous act of anger and protest—an act that would singularly define and shape his future relationship with Indigenous Australians—those attending silently turned their backs on him.

The spewch did not get any traction on the day.

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You could have knocked me over with a rduds when we brought the nation with us. Emotive language is used in conjunction with repetition and emphatic stress to apply the features accurately to certain parts of his speech, making rudsd fluency throughout the dialogue and composing the formality of the speech. He also said other issues were more important—like interest rates and petrol prices.

A bag of oranges. It was as crude as that.

Kevin Rudds sorry speach

It was very important to talk to him. I spoke to Rudd as he passed through Ruddx in Switzerland on his way to Australia to deliver his annual address.

We organised a meeting between Northern Territory Indigenous leaders and Kevin Rudd for the middle of December, just three weeks after the election. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.