It is great to have a strong and stable relationship which allows the two companions to share the joys and memories of life together. Hard work, Sincerity and Dedication are the keys to success. A true friend always gives full support whenever we are in need. As we all know, whenever any problem happened with us then friends always helps to us. True friends give good and safe company to us and make our life happy, interesting and worth living. Simply wanting for it just by the looks of it can lead to great disaster.

You may have been a polite, soft-spoken student of gentle manners. He may be a drug addict, he may be a smoker, he may drink and observing him you may in the long run become an addict to drugs, you may smoke and drink. To some extent, friends are the people that make you the person you are. May 21, at Once day they set out on journey to a far off village, on the other said of a forest. The purpose to start to celebrate the army day is to give The noise his friend had made while jumping on the tree brought the bear running to that place.

Everyone makes three gifts to give her best friend. At the same time, it is our responsibility to remain helpful towards our friends.

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We call everybody who friens into our contact our friend. Then the shoots start sprouting, the plant is finally flourishing. He is our counsellor and guide. Without having a true friend our life is dry and dull.


essay on a friend in needs a friend indeed

Even our neighbors and those whom we frequently meet in our social dealings are not necessarily our friends. The choice of a true friend: The right occasion to test the friendship of a person is at the time of need.

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Good friends live together happily and participate in the activities together. Two men who were supposed to be friends were crossing a forest. A real or true friend is always willing to help us when we need them.

They encourage when one is sad, they entertain when one is lonesome, and they listen when one has problems. Any amount of persuasion by his father did not work.

At this time everyone needs the proper friend in her life. There are friends who are often indifferent to your suffering in life.

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed Essay

It is also true that without friends man’s life is dry, dull and dreary. He who stands by us in our good and bad times is a true friend indeed.

They are false friends. So that’s the friend whom u stay close and also he wants you to be close to him whenever needed both in good and bad times.

You may do all these things without the knowledge of your parents. There is nothing better than surrounded by good friends. The noise his friend had made while jumping on the tree brought the bear running to that place.


essay on a friend in needs a friend indeed

Once upon a time there lived two friends in a certain village. They fssay very good counselor and guide in our life as well as the source of joy, strength and courage. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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When they reached the thickest part of the forest, a big dangerous bear appeared form behind a terr. Most of them are only fair- weather friends. Being in true friendship for long is much harder than finding good friends. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Short Paragraph on Punctuality and its Advantages. Your friend will take advantage of your innocence, your softness and may trick you, lead you to a wrong path.

They are always w the selfless service to her friends in the essence of true friendship.

It requires devotion of time and patience to achieve peak communication between the two companions. They fail the test of friendship. In friends always listen to you and correct the mistakes you do to bring at the right path.

But that can be found out on constant and vigilant observation alone.