Students are strongly urged to consult with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs regarding procedures, requirements and implementation of policies. Introduction to analysis of a wide range of electrical devices and systems encountered by engineers. Choose 1 option below Option 1: Application of the engineering design process culminating in a team-based design project. Students will choose an open-ended design project to explore the social fabric of cities through the analysis of spatial data and explore whether these issues can be alleviated through engineering planning approaches.

The remaining courses may be selected from the following list: Problem selected after consultation with faculty. Four hours lecture-laboratory weekly. The maximum time allowed in this program is three academic years nine quarters , excluding summer sessions. Group A Sustainability Engineering:

Basic concepts of material structure and its relation to properties; atomic structure; mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties; engineering applications; introduction to semiconductor physics.

engr 299 capstone project course

Capstohe proposal must be submitted and approved prior to enrollment. Topics include project selection, research methods on chosen project, a review of the design process, including concept generation, concept selection, construction, testing, and evaluation. Four hours lecture-laboratory weekly. Collaborations with communities to share knowledge and understanding and to co-create project briefs related to engineering in support of social justice.

The mathematics, science, and engineering courses listed below also satisfy the core curriculum requirements in mathematical reasoning, scientific and technological inquiry, quantitative reasoning, advanced writing, and levels 1 and 2 diversity, inclusion, and social justice DISJ.

Master of Science in Engineering Program (Online) – Engineering & Technology

Embedded software engineering focuses on software development to control or monitor devices that are typically part of a larger system. Explorations lroject the historical and contemporary contexts and impacts of designs, systems, processes and products surrounding and involving engineering and engineers will be applied to a community context.


The Engineer degree represents considerable advanced training and pproject in the prkject field, but does not require the research effort involved in a Ph. Teaching Experience Not required. Analysis of musical tones using instrumentation. Directed lower division internship or co-operative experience in an engineering or related activity. Faculty-directed undergraduate research in engineering. Consideration of social context. This course fulfills a Scientific and Technological Inquiry core curriculum requirement for non-majors.

Simulation, testing, and measurement of circuits designed to meet specific requirements. Legal concepts will be conveyed via case studies and Law Review articles.

Courses – Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering – University of San Diego

Ca;stone Requirements At least nine courses are required 36 unitsof which at least five must be graduate courses at the level excluding the ENGR Capstone Project courseand meet the comprehensive exam requirement.

Upper division standing in engineering. Consult an academic adviser for more information. Based on the quarterly transcripts, student records are reviewed at the end of each quarter by the student affairs officer and the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. Students work in an interdisciplinary team in a semester long project based course to design a drone that will have a positive impact on society.


Project proposal must be submitted and approved prior to enrollment. The remaining courses may be selected from the following list: Placement contingent upon approval of participating organization.

Master of Science in Engineering Program (Online)

Special topics course in areas of special interest to engineering. The breadth requirements are only applicable to students who do not have a B. Special topics in cojrse areas of engineering theory and practice.

Students may select which exams they would like to count towards the comprehensive exam requirement.

engr 299 capstone project course

Students will perform forensic analyses of product failure cases. This course introduces engineering students corse the many facets of the law and litigation that are relevant to a career in engineering.

engr 299 capstone project course

Engineering and the Law Interested in working as a patent agent or prject Individual project in creative design and synthesis under the general supervision of a participating professor. Students will learn to use Geographic Information Systems GIS to explore the impact of the placement of resources within a region.

This involves design, construction, testing and evaluation as well as consideration of issues related to culture, ethics, economics, social justice, safety and professional practice. Duties of the engineer, the manufacturer, and the end user will be compared and contrasted.