Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. Parameters of the conceptual model were left unaltered, as are in most operational set-ups, and the data-driven model was arranged to forecast the corrective measures the conceptual model needs. The distributed, process-oriented model, MARINE, was used to test several hypotheses of flow dynamics in soils during flash flood events in the Mediterranean area. Decreased precipitation caused larger changes in hydrologic variables evapotranspiration, soil moisture, stream flow and water table levels than increased temperature or disturbed vegetation did. We used stable isotopes of xylem water to study differences in the seasonal origin of water in more than individual trees from three dominant species in Swiss forested sites. Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters, Hydrol.

This coupled method is applied to spatially interpolate runoff in the Huaihe River basin of China. Comparison of different multi-objective calibration criteria using a conceptual rainfall-runoff model of flood events, Hydrol. If multiple samples originating from the same source are available, they can be used to reconstruct the original source composition. However, quantitative evaluation of the gap-filled data accuracy is not available. Seasonal and land use dependent variability of soil hydraulic and soil hydrological properties of two Northern German soils, Geoderma, , —, Here I show that seasonal tracer cycles yield strongly biased estimates of mean transit times in nonstationary catchments and, by implication, in real-world catchments.

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The study used an integrated glacio-hydrological model for the hydrological projections of the Himalayan Beas basin under climate change. A process proof test for model concepts: We investigated the relative contribution of the spatial versus climatic rainfall variability for flow peaks by applying an advanced stochastic rainfall generator to simulate rainfall for a small urban catchment and simulate flow dynamics in the sewer system.

Debris flows represent a severe hazard in mountain regions and so far remain difficult to predict.


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This is relevant as the increase of air temperature might cause decreased snow storage. Overall, F yw tends to be larger when catchments are wet and discharge is correspondingly higher, indicating an increase in the proportional contribution of faster flow paths at higher flows. In this paper, we propose a novel data-driven approach for rainfall—runoff modelling, using the long short-term memory LSTM network, a special type of recurrent neural network.

From a classification of eeerts discharge, the effective or dominant discharge is the one whose class corresponds to disseetation maximum sediment supply.

Results obtained illustrate the relevance of land planning to the management of water resources and the opportunity to consider it in future climate-change adaptation strategies. We discovered that midsummer transpiration was mostly supplied by winter precipitation across diverse humid dissertatiin.

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A review and evaluation of catchment transit time modeling, J. We developed global maps that concisely quantify the seasonality of stable isotope ratios in precipitation, using data from meteorological stations across all seven continents. Imme Benedict, Chiel C.

dissertation hubert weerts

Dossertation that, water resources that would be in the donor basin are estimated by hydrological modelling if the last climatic projections are accomplished. We used time series from 14 catchments in Switzerland. We adapted the spatially-distributed, tracer-aided model STARR, to a permafrost-influenced catchment in Yukon Territory, with a time-variable implementation of field capacity to capture thaw layer dynamics in time and space.

This coupled method is applied to spatially interpolate runoff in the Huaihe River basin of China. Flowing stream networks extend and retract seasonally and in weegts to precipitation. The relationship among glacier melt, groundwater, and streamflow remains highly uncertain, especially in tropical glacierized watersheds in response to climate.


We test this model on a medium-sized catchment in Switzerland. We conclude that climate change may affect rainfed and irrigated agriculture potential and threatens overall water security.

Two forecasting chains are forced by information from numerical weather predictions.

Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

ACM, 9, 84—97, https: The flow regime shifted from perennial to intermittent. Moreover, climate change simulations showed that the contribution of riparian ET to annual water budgets will increase in the future. Improving streamflow predictions at ungauged locations with real-time updating: Soil moisture updating by Ensemble Kalman Filtering in real-time flood forecasting, J. Here I show that seasonal tracer cycles yield strongly biased estimates of mean transit times in nonstationary catchments and, by implication, in real-world catchments.

Hydrological field data from a modeller’s perspective: This study used a relatively new method based on climate data to estimate S r values in boreal regions, instead weeerts using soil data. Lutz, Jie Chen, Sharad K. Process-oriented catchment modelling and multiple-response validation, Hydrol.

Here we present a three-dimensional fluid dynamic solver that simulates the flow as weerta mixture of a pressure-dependent rheology model dissertatioon the gravel mixed with a Herschel—Bulkley rheology of the fine material suspension. During storm events, erosion and deposition in the river becomes relevant.

Dual state—parameter estimation of hydrological models using ensemble Kalman filter, Adv. The study also highlights the potential of distributed modelling and spatial observations in hydrology, especially in dealing with equifinality issues. Spatial variability in the isotopic composition of rainfall in a small headwater catchment and its effect on hydrograph separation, J.