Internally, it can speed up response time, save time wasted in changeover and maintain dependability. Flexibility maintains dependability For some complex things, if following the primary plans may resulted in extra the time and expenses that reduces the dependability. It is our job to make them feel better. We cope with this by keeping a close watch on how demand for room service is building up. Speed adds flexibility Fast response adds the capability for operations to the flexibility dealing with urgent things. So, voluntary workers in a charity may be employees, shareholders and customers all at once. Modern communications technology can play an important role in this.

So one important way to improve cost performance is to improve the performance of the other operations objectives see Figure 2. We will write a custom sample essay on Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara specifically for you. Click here to sign up. Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations Key questions m What role should the operations function play in achieving strategic success? Eventually it is taken to the press area, pressed into shape and again waits to be transported to the paint area. For example, if the sudden influx of patients to the hospital also results in emergency surgery being performed, the emergency patients will almost certainly displace other routine operations. However, this is more of a problem in the parts of the hotel that have direct contact with the customer.

This may include increase utilization of rooms, cleaning and preparation for the room and improve efficient of working. Main swimming pool in Penang Mutiara Hotel Sources from: Step 3 – Consider the internal effects of each performance objective.

Together with a list of customers’ personal preferences, the system then recommends a particular design and displays it on the image of the customer’s face, In consultation with the optician the customer can adjust shapes and sizes until the final design is chosen, Within the store the frames are assembled from a range of pre-manufactured components and the lenses ground and fitted to the frames.


Sunday, August 21, Case Study: Stage 4 operations are innovative, creative and proactive and are driving the company’s strategy by being ‘one step ahead’ of competitors – what Hayes and Wheelwright call being ‘externally supportive’. It orders products from a number of suppliers, stores them, packs them to customers’ orders and then despatches them using a distribution company.

In Malaysia, operqtional fixed the regulation is because need to overcome market failure and economic system can operate in a manner consistent with public interest. Steel for the vehicle’s door panels is delivered to the press shop, pressed into shape, transported to the painting area, coated for colour and protection penajg moved to the assembly line where it is fitted to the automobile. Speedy operations cuts down the in-process inventory level and also saving the cost of administrative overheads.

Without wasting the time respond of customers, manager will call stuffs from other departments to come n support. A number of suggestions have been made to speed up this process and, by doing so, save money.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay

All operations staffs very clear the importance operations objectives and their implications. At all times a key requirement for fast service is effective communication between all who are involved in each stage of the emergency. Speed – as such is not important for the NC service it follows a fixed timetable but it is important for the GR service to collect within 24 hours operatinoal promised.

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Strong interaction and understanding is the acse to reach those goals. Flexibility can avoid unnecessarily repeating planning, spending and recourses. Externally, speed is an important aspect of customer service. Penang Mutiara background [Online] Available at: The first role of the operation function will be business implementation strategy.


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Certainly the objectivrs of the organization would not look to operations as the source of any originality, flair or competitive drive. A line describes the relative importance of each performance objective. Supporting business strategy Operations should support strategy Support strategy goes beyond simply implementing strategy.

It is now the world’s biggest contract manufacturer for the electronics industry. In fact, the company’s success is based largely on these unique operations capabilities.

Identify areas of the companies’ operations where there may be conflicts between the needs of these different stakeholder groups. And of course they must have the knowledge to be able to answer nutiara questions.

Dispelling some serious troubles or problem always needs more staff or more time to do it, thus, it results in the labor cost added, such as part-time salary, overtime compensation.

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Natural resources — company has access to, control of operatilnal in pursuit of natural resources which can help in survival. Internally, flexibility can help speed up response times, save time wasted in changeovers and maintain dependability. The operation is trying to be ‘internally supportive’ by providing a credible operations strategy.

case study operational objectives at the penang mutiara

Phone for a cab and a voice-response system identifies your location verified by pushing the appropriate buttons on the telephone and the system finds and instructs the nearest available cab to your location. Add this document to collection s. The hotel believes that it is the impeccable customer service they are giving to their guests which gives them pemang advantage.