Guidance for Core Group Members. The chair should be notified in advance where possible. Working with Interpreters and others with Special Communication Skills. Subsequent meetings will normally be chaired by the allocated Social Worker. Fabricated or Induced Illness. Preventing unintentional injuries among the unders in the home. Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour.

Early Help – Under review. Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Feb Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements 4. Where, at conference, a child is not made, or ceases to be, the subject of a Child Protection Plan, then a Child in Need meeting should normally be held within 15 working days of the Conference and a Child in Need Plan drawn up. Child Sexual Abuse Strategy Child Death Overview Panel Protocol.

2.2.5 Planning and Review

These arrangements should be drawn up so that the child is seen:. Where a Plan is not to be shared with someone, for example. Learning and Improvement 6. Any young person aged 12 and above should be routinely invited to be involved in the Child in Need meeting.

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Child and Family Assessment. The first Core Group meeting must be held within 10 working days of the Initial Child Protection Conference where a child has become the subject of a Child Protection Planand is convened for the family and businesw to further develop that Plan.


Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Feb The full engagement of parents in conferences must be vusiness and supported. Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings.

Domestic violence and abuse in adults and young people aged 16 years and over. Assessing and Providing Help 2.

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In some cases, it may be more appropriate for another professional, such as a teacher, to ascertain their cambridgezhire and represent them at the meeting.

Guidance for Core Group Members.

cambridgeshire lscb business plan

Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements 4. Keeping children safe in education, DfE.

Online Safeguarding Strategy Cambridgeshire Children Missing from Home or Care. Statutory guidance for local authorities on the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children 7.

They must also ensure that the integrated chronology and the Single Assessment are completed and updated by the Core Group. This must be specifically agreed by the worker’s line manager before case closure and this management oversight evidenced through a case note on the child’s file.

They may wish to have someone with them as a supporter or advocate. The social worker must prepare a report for the conference and ensure this is shared with parents at least two working days before the conference. Preventing unintentional injuries among the unders in the home. This could involve attending the meeting, or providing their views in a format of their choosing.


cambridgeshire lscb business plan

If the child does not wish to be involved, their reasons should be recorded. Action to be taken where a Child is suffering or likely to suffer Significant Harm. Protecting children from radicalisation: The Lead Social Plab should ensure that core group members are clear about their roles and responsibilities.

Further Core Group meetings should cambridgeshirr held every 4 weeks and would normally be chaired by an experienced social worker or a more senior practitioner.

The Social Worker should consider what may be needed at the meeting, for example, water, stationery for parents, suitable furniture, etc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Planning and Review

Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges. Children of Parents who Misuse Substances. Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour.

This following applies when children who are the subject of a CIN Plan move to another local authority area.