I held my breathe and thank God when the dark, cold night ended. Afiq Haziq 12 October at I could feel blood oozing all over my shirt. Anonymous 2 November at We are your key to academic success. I beg you, don’t do that” She called her friend and they arrived in half of an hour.

I need you help.. So, I just retreated into my bed room and decided to wait until I am hale and hearty enough before I went to meet Razman and asked for his forgiveness. They gave a call to my grandmother and demanded a large sum of ransom money. Yes, the door was opened but nothing was there. I sank to the ground, desolated and hopeless. May God bless you.

Anonymous Friday, October 27, 9: I wasn’t worried about it as I’ve stayed alone many times.

It was really hard to lose someone you love the most but it was. I felt guilty watching him cycling away from my house with a crestfallen face.

I was really hoping that the drivers would be more careful. Though others might have different opinions, as far as I am concerned, writing a narrative essay — a story — is the eszay to go for CW. The stranger walked towards me while mumbling words I just couln’t understand.


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Subscribe in a reader. Zizy Zizy Sunday, February 07, I cried my heart out when I saw their pale faces were smeared with blood.

Other people who were there during the incident also helped to stop some drivers and asked them to send all the victims involved to the hospital. I was stoned and almost turn mad.

Our jaw hung wide open for a few minutes before we came back to our senses. An Incident On Sunday Evening.

I was updating my blog aftre a whole day of studying very hard. I had no strength. By the time I was on my bicycle, I could see people running and shouting.

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Then a miracle happened just as the stranger was about to finish me off. The incident kept bear in my mind showing no ways to get rid of. Fire started spreading like mad. My fears turned into my worst nightmare as I heard a loud noise. I noticed the man trragedy a huge revolver on his belt. I opened the door and something scared me until I lost all my words.

At the moment my phone was my soul. An hour had passed till I realised something wasn’t right. Take professional help spj relax! I was shot in the chest. This site uses cookies.


tragedy essay spm

To be honest, the plot was alright but there were a bundle tragedg mistakes for instance grammatical errors and there weren’t many bombastic words used plus the story line was out of order and confusing, in conclusion, good job but it could’ve been better. The team of Paper Help DigitalEssay. The ceiling began to crumble. My parents rushed back as soon as they got the news. I liked this post very much as it has helped me a lot in my ewsay and is quite interesting as well.

As I crept back upstairs, I accidently knocked over a small lamp and it broke.

These stories also come with a plot in note form so you can easily rewrite your own essay using the same plot. Only then did I know what real terror felt like. I did not put any suspicion on it and just continued my journey.

tragedy essay spm