A few more iterations on the design. Requires the user to read it in order to understand it. Google first started with the Maps app. As we finish student presentations, get ready to hear our Keynote speaker Candy Chang. This data is usually from a 3rd party source, we just give it structure.

Meeting and hearing Jeremy Scahill, Journalist an There are potentially as many as 10, election jurisdictions, depending on how you count them. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe add photos of candidates? Virginia – every single election, even in small towns, is run by the state. So each state varies from having the data pretty centralized e. Ingrid Fetell Lee had us thinking color, squiggles, and even nursing homes.

sva ixd thesis

They have a similar offering called the Election Center. The funding question is a huge question. The goal of the project is ever-evolving, but a main focus has always been to instigate a conversation about the future of our planet using the lens of food. Parse the poll site info into a readable format yay! The semester concluded with a final presentation of the prototype along with a vision of how to move forward into Thesis III, attended by department chair Liz Danzico sfa guest critics Megan Fath and Kakee Scott.

At first I thought you wanted my email address.


sva ixd thesis

LA county has wayyyy more voters than more other jurisdictions. A box that one can place his or her smartphone in, encourages people to use that time for different activities. Positive thing about the current design: Should the federal government by providing funding for this sort of thing to all election jurisdictions? Local govts have to do what they can.

Voting data is a really complex set of data: Who I spoke with: Green Party is your best bet http: Yes, they should play svaa role. You can view the Invision prototype live here. You can view the latest design in an Invision prototype here. Possible Design References VirginaAmerica.

Our graduating students are addressing real, human problems with their theses. Check out our new summer class Digital Product Design: This makes it more interesting. Millennials are very good at seeing through Features to Add If my voter registration info is incorrect, how do I update it?

SVA IxD Thesis II Development Prototypes – helloCircuits!

Email required Address never made public. LA County was able to redesign and implement a new voting process because they were able to use their own funding. John Kim A box that one can place his or her smartphone in, encourages people to use that time for different activities. So each state varies from having the data pretty centralized e. Pointless because typing in an email is only a millisecond faster than typing in a home address. Read more on our blog: The way they get their data for this tool is basically a bunch of interns do a lot of phone calling.


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Okay now on to user testing theesis Presentations, prototypes play, and keynote by the fabulous Candy Chang. I now show general election information first, to provide instant value, instead of requiring the user to enter info before they can see anything.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

You are commenting using your Google account. In response to the first question above… There are 2 things I considered for this information flow:. It took a lot of banging my head against the wall and a lot of really dumb code mistakes to get here, but my app thessi now live on Github!

This prototype repeats the process until the desired form is achieved.