He lives in an apartment overlooking Rappaccini’s garden and makes the acquaintance of the doctor’s daughter, whose beauty and mysterious powers fascinate him. One shrub in a marble vase in the fountain pool displays beautiful purple blossoms. If one views Rappaccini as a God, creating his own Eden with his own impure purposes, what does this mean? Thereafter, he continues to visit the garden. Rappaccini exploits Beatrice in his medical research.

Though her father has corrupted her body with poisons, Beatrice’s soul remains pristine. At that moment, Giovanni notices an orange lizard or chameleon on the walkway near the flower. Thou hast made me as hateful, as ugly, as loathsome and deadly a creature as thyself! Beatrice senses something is wrong. When he goes down and sees her, this feeling begins to diminish. Doubtless, likewise, the fair and learned Signora Beatrice would minister to her patients with draughts as sweet as a maiden’s breath. The narrator later reveals, through old Lisabetta, that the mansion has a secret door leading into Rappaccini’s garden.

You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them for your essay. When the insects begin to fall dead, she shrieks and says she daighter nothing to cause the change in him. Here, Baglioni is alluding to himself. It suffers a spasm and dies.

rappaccinis daughter thesis statement

Giovanni smells a fragrance like that which moments before had seemed to issue from Beatrice. Among the definitions of corruption are these: Write a short psychological profile of Giovanni Guasconti. Giacomo Rappaccini and his daughter, Beatrice, and in an apartment with a view onto the garden.


Rappaccini also gazes momentarily at Giovanni before moving on. When Giovanni arrives at his residence, old Lisabetta greets him and whispers to him that there is a door in the house that opens into Rappacini’s garden. When he examines the shrub with purple blossoms, he wears a mask covering his nostrils and mouth. Here, Baglioni is alluding to himself.

So far, Rappaccini has the upper hand. Beatrice senses something is wrong. Write a short atatement profile of Giovanni Guasconti. Handsome Neapolitan student enrolled in the medical curriculum at the University thess Padua. Still contemplating the garden, Giovanni notices the crumbling remains of a marble fountain in the middle of the garden, water cheerfully burbling from it.

Following are examples of figures of speech in “Rappaccini’s Daughter”: Thus, Lacryma Christi means Tear of Christ. Baglioni retaliates with the phial of poison that kills Beatrice. She tells him her father created it.

Handsome Neapolitan student enrolled in the medical curriculum at the University of Padua. Ought not, then, the desrt of humanity around them to press this insulated pair together? The old mansion in which Giovanni Guasconti lodges casts a sinister and mysterious shadow over the story, thereby undergirding the story’s mood and tone. Pietro Baglioni, a highly respected professor of medicine.

As she sips the liquid, her father enters the garden. As she sips the liquid, her father enters the garden.


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Pietro Baglioni, a highly respected professor of medicine. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the text by Nathaniel Hawthorne they are referring to.

rappaccinis daughter thesis statement

Like the case in other very similar plots in the works of Hawthornewhen Giovanni decides to breech her space, he is infected as well, however, it is his heartlessness that causes Beatrice to take the supposed antidote that leads to her death. The doctor and his daughter are nowhere to be seen. Rappacciniw walk in the garden.

Plot Summary and Analysis of Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Anger builds in Giovanni when she tells him that she was cut off from people faughter she met him. Rappaccini exploits Beatrice in his medical research. When Giovanni makes a slight movement at the window, Beatrice looks up and sees the handsome young man.

Listening intently, Giovanni is unaware that Baglioni rappxccinis Rappaccini have long been rivals in a struggle for dominance in the medical field. According to an old myth, Lucifer wreaked destruction on the slopes of Vesuvius after God cast him out of heaven.