Flow Chart illustrates the sequence of assessment and optimization of the image quality This work investigates phantom and subject positioning as well as collecting data with a variety of angular sampling and acquisition trajectories. The measurement of the dose with changes in kVp and mA was an important approach to control the applicability of the results as the radiation must comply with the ALARA principle 4. When mA was altered, the images had high quality at 3. Spatial resolution is among the most 9 important parameters of image quality especially in the dental field where fine details are meaningful.

The main objective of this dissertation research is to develop measurement and data-analysis tools for improving the quantitative accuracy of radiotracer studies of small plants, e. Accurate delineation of tumor target and organs at risk OARs is critically important in modern radiation therapy for optimal treatment planning and precise treatment delivery. CNR at different kVp Noise represents either inconsistent reduction or increase in gray values of the image. Each examiner did the examination separately using the same monitor and under the same lighting conditions. Nasal spine and incisive canal, a 2 mA, b 2. Rejected images can be calculated as a percentage of the overall images.

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Interalveolar lateral foramen right sidea 2 mA, b 2. The resolution of CBCT is high and any motion could affect the image quality detrimentally Cross-sectional imaging is indicated in this stage of implant planning to match the needs. While the clinical value of CBCT is mostly empirical, there are no specific studies so far to evaluate the differences between the diagnosis and treatment plans of orthodontic patients when using conventional records and CBCT images.


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Inferior alveolar canal right sidea 2 mA, b 2. Image noise is a pervasive problem in medical imaging. Greene and Greene Digital Sissertation. The default settings of 90 kVp and 4 mA had a dose equal to 1. Two examiners evaluated the clinical image quality in a random order using a 5-point Likert scale 22 Excellent, Good, Adequate, Poor, Undetectable.

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In this study, resolution did not differ significantly at different settings. Statistical uncertainty is a major Services Full metadata XML. The PSF insert contains a 0. The exposure settings of choice were selected based on dissretation lowest possible dose that have good clinical as well as quantitative image quality.

You do not have access to any existing collections. The younger age group years had lower visibility of the mandibular canal than the older group.


Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. Large FOV could cover the entire maxillofacial or craniofacial regions that are required for maxillofacial trauma, pathology, and orthodontic use.

Predictable Aesthetics for the Gingival Smile. The density of the PMMA is close to the density of water 1. Approved for entry into archive by Julie Kurtz julie. Los Angeles Star Collection, Multivariate regression analyses were used to assess the interactions between the septum and the nasofacial skeleton.


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Superior and inferior lingual foramina, a 2 mA, b 2. Maxillary assessment at different kVp In this study, the tracing of the mandibular canal was not possible as the canal was visible only at three different cross-sections. Comparison of spatial and contrast resolution for cone-beam computed tomography scanners. The phantom contains different test objects located at different heights to allow scanning them simultaneously Figure 2b.

The second chapter of this dissertation is planned to be submitted for publication. There was no significant correlation between nasal septal deviation and age or nasofacial size. Accuracy and reliability of buccal bone height and thickness measurements from cone-beam computed tomography imaging.

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Suggested Citation Goergen, Matthew. Quantitative image quality values at different mA mA 2 2.

library dissertation on cbct

The evaluated maxillary landmarks had good quality at all different kVp settings from highest kVp at 90 kVp to lowest at 70 kVp. The indication ddissertation this large FOV as compared to single site FOV, however, is controversial due to the increased dose to the patient that may not be justified for the need 29,