Nakakalungkot pero tingin ko noon nagsusulat at kumakanta sila ng galing sa puso, susunod nalang yung sisikat sila at yayaman. Some of the respondents answered that they admire their idols because of how they treat their fans and their originality when it comes to their works. I wrote this paper for our Soc Sci 1 and Eng 10 classes. K-pop artists make use of social media to become closer to their fans wherever they may be making it easier for the fans to be updated about their idols and get to know them even more. Please email me at: I was wondering po if I could get you full name and permission to use your paper as part of a research my group and I are doing for our Filipino class regarding OPM music as well.

They had a low level of exposure to radio but their consciousness of its Cebu local rock music airplay was positive. The actual survey tested the knowledge of the selected students on both South Korean and Filipino culture particularly, music and telenovelas. He did not remember, but I never forgot diving beneath his skinny, flailing arms and standing underwater in the sticky, knee-deep bottom mud to push him, desperately choking, up to the surface and back to safety. Instead of buying OPM albums, they tend to buy K -pop albums available in music stores nationwide. Opinyon ko lang naman. Filipinos Get Hooked on Kpop Craze.

They should mainstream the obscure but talented artists. Yes or No Strand and Section: The variables in these three categories are interrelated indicating causal relationships.

Comm 2: Research Study [baby thesis]

Telenovelas from Thailand and Taiwan, and music from Western countries as well as that of Japan and other Asian countries are also dominating the interests of the modern youth. Moreover, Radocy and Boyle stress out that music preference might be influenced by the factors of environment such as institutions, experiences, group gatherings, self-concept, mass media and among other things. In s France, a disdain for American film and a desire to promote cultural production outside Paris led the government to invest in directors like Godard and Truffaut who would constitute the French New Wave.


Though what you mean is actually good for the industry to survive, I think it’ll be better if they suffer harder so kplp know what went wrong and why.

Was it started by a Filipino? Eaglewood Cliffs, New Jersey Until now, this particular music is opn being acknowledged and appreciated worldwide including Philippines as well as other European countries.

In s Philippines, the Marcos dictatorship also poured money into the arts.

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kpop vs opm thesis

She was visiting at our dorms when the girls were all abuzz about dressing me up Cinderella style. The researchers of this study found out that there is indeed a relationship between the two involved subject vx South Korean influence and Nationalism of students as there are respondents of the study who scored low in the test about Philippine Culture and high in the test part about South Korean Culture.

Why does Filipino Teenagers get addicted to K-Pop? On the other hand, it is surprising to know that there are students who are, regardless of being not interested or influenced by South Korean music or telenovelas, prefer K-pop than OPM.

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To my treasured friends, past, present and future, lend me your fears, uncertainty, dreams and memories, and I shall help you carry them into eternity. Mainstream media cs taste and excellent dissemination, however, most music companies in the mainstream media choose to produce mostly remakes of old tunes, perhaps, believing that it is the fastest way of reaching a wider audience, assuming that the listeners only consume the familiar and comfortable.


A related study was conducted by Minni K. Generally, here in the Philippines, we are focusing on dramas, while in Korea, they are focusing on Music.

kpop vs opm thesis

They are one of the essential demographics targeted by record producers, because they already have the capability to buy individual records or album, either through online or physical means.

In life, thrsis soon discover they have far more important missions impossible assigned to them. Like Liked by 1 person.

Ngayon pera pera nalang. She was very well-to-do. At birth, we experience our first relationship with our mother and as we grow up we will have a whole web of relationships.

Comm 2: Research Study [baby thesis]

This site uses cookies. We watch love movies, read romance novels, but that’s the sugar-coated, sweet and simple version of it. It unifies groups of people and moves them to common action and helps them express common emotions.

Artists, especially, endure the negative repercussions of these paradigm-shifting innovations. The Understanding of Music sixth edition: We were clearly friends, and with much mutual respect, remain so. The government now, should do the same, not just in music, but also in all arts in the Philippines, because these are in great need of a strong foundation. Already messaged you po.