Sometimes they are so overwhelming that he looks to drugs as a way to get that little high. Everybody can get something out of this story. He thought it was only him who experienced suffering and that his brother was the only one who could see it in him. Over the course of the story, Sonny gets more and more desperate trying to find a way to expel his pain. Taking place in the drug-plagued, poverty-stricken, and frustrated streets of Harlem in the s, the setting aids any reader in understanding the obstacles and hardships the narrator and his brother faced growing up in Harlem.

We are never the first nor the last to experience something. They hear what always must be heard between them, brotherly music and harmony. Our feelings would never be new but they do, in fact, have to be heard. History repeats itself, but we must express our own emotions and feelings to become part of that history. Sonny has a difficult problem with heroin that is leading him down a path that neither he, nor his brother want him to follow.

Sonny comes to realize that the only drug that he needs, is his music which allows him to stray from his drug addiction and end his fued with his brother. Tuesday, September 23, Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”.

This action engenders the narrator to reflect on his relationship with Sonny. Its repulsive to think you have to suffer that much. Also music is a great way to express what you are feeling.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

He starts realizing that he does not need the drug to sojnys away from the everyday life he struggles with but instead he can do what he loves, play the piano. Sonny, having finally made amends with his brother, realizes that he can deal with the pain through music.


james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

For me the theme to this story is acceptance through pain. When Sonny plays, he seems to transform into a different person. It always must be heard. Throughout the story he is continually reminded of his brother. From the beginning of the book you can see this.

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He starts with his brothers addiction and then moves to the better feeling part of the story. The narrator writes his letter because it is a form of grieving.

People found out that they could identify with these stories even though they were from a different time period because they identified with the three story elements.

Jazz is Sonny’s form of art, it is where he kames express himself and let all of his suffering out through music.

Literary analysis thesis by jasmine white on Prezi

It describes both the ignorance of the narrator and Sonny. The story was a way of explaining this quote in its entirety. While in jail, Sonny writes a letter to his brother telling him that he has realized that the choices he has made in the past have in no way helped him and have only made his life worse.

As the reader, we ourselves must learn from this, that experience a similar situation over again may give us the opportunity to make amends for our own past faults.

The narrator never felt the need to use them, because he knew that in the long-run it would do nothing but hurt him. Sonny and the somnys have had a strained relationship because of Sonny’s addiction, “I haven’t seen Sonny in over a year If giving up the blues is the price then so be it. He realizes this about his life while in jail, and tells his brother about it through a letter.


He is constantly thinking of Sonny and his struggles. The brother is skeptical about sonny staying clean and does not trust his brother. The climax of the story is when the narrator and Sonny argue in the apartment. We had to hear this story in order to understand fully the evils that Sonny has dealt with along with his strong turnaround.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

When Sonny gets out of rehab, he goes to live with his brother, and that is where we learn about Sonny’s interest, possible obsession, with jazz music. Everybody can get something out of this story.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

When things happen to us we feel that it must be heard so people know we are actually going through. The main characters, the unnamed narrator and Sonny, have an awkward relationship with one another and struggle to make amends. History repeats itself, but we must express our own emotions and tthesis to become part of that history.

Maybe if a friend seems upset instead of saying get over it lets go do something, ask them how they are. For example, the narrator never got caught up in drug-use, but Baldin did in fact use drugs and therefore became addicted to them as well. Sonny knew that he wanted to become an accomplished Jazz pianist.