The area where you come out of the caves is the first open area north of Lord Yun’s campsite. Since we got that configuration and also have another one we can now use, I figured we’d pay a quick visit to Lord Lao’s Furnace. A fox spirit arrives and kills the man and then tries to kill you. That’s just a couple of mummies, no problem there. On our way to the door at the back, we must fight another group of mummies.

That seems like something we should be able to do in this game. This will show those stuffy scholars in the Imperial City that I am serious. I could unequip the Imperial Favor because this is a straight upgrade, but Silk Fox gave that gem to us and it has sentimental value. Taunting a foe, playing with them, teaches them nothing. I chose to give his name to the Furious Ming character here because I’m a giant nerd. Bladed Thesis has been destroyed. Harmony surrounds you and flows out into the world as you pass.

That’s actually slightly disappointing, as I was hoping to show off some jace Wei Shen’s kung fu. Lend a hand and then chat with the man, who is clearly not quite right in the head.

We’re heading right back to the Great Southern Forest.

The Zither of Discord

Since you have proven capable so far, I’d like you to acquire one more hhesis. The pedestal at the temple entrance rises once again; so, go click it and a portal to Heaven opens up inside the main building. He used to enjoy tormenting the children of our village, and I thought it was all fun.


jade empire bladed thesis test

I dealt with Merchant Bai. Of course, since the rest of the game is what it is and you spend most of balded Closed Fist run as a sociopathic dickbag, the quest just comes off as this strange anomaly.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Also, how in the hell did Gravedigger Shen end up burying this guy alive? Since we got that configuration and also have another one we can now use, I figured we’d pay a quick visit to Lord Lao’s Furnace. I couldn’t let you be implicated in my final murder. In order to get the crystal from him, bladee need to agree to kill the Forest Shadow; so, [Lie] that you will do so. The gladed is Bladed Thesis and you can finish out the Zither of Discord side quest.

Jade Empire Part #33 – Tale of the Mournful Blade

Then tell me, who deserved their death? Aishi the Mournful Blade is dead, and her reign of terror is finished. Speaking of Purveyor Shouji, I’m not sure why we can’t just go punch him in the face and tell him it’s not cool to blackmail small tjesis. I expect the test to measure your conviction to the ideals of the Way of jdae Closed Fist. I grant you the chance to carry out my wishes.


Wei Shen, if you’re unaware, is the protagonist of Sleeping Dogs. It’s like a year-old tried to write a badass villain oneliner. I see no need to tell it to anyone but myself.

She wasn’t there the last time we visited the place. In the right tower, pull the red switch. The Sickened Forest [5. The Ghost Lord on the left is the least dangerous enemy in this fight because of his lack of ranged attacks, and so we can leave him to his own devices for the most part.

I have some idea of what you face. I’m your father, dammit! We have to let him go.

Can I ask you more details about this Zither of Discord? When he’s down, the rest are pretty easy; but, then, six more show up and you have to do it all over again.

Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

I have only one more favor to ask. One more path to go. While they are talking with you, some demons materialize. Bpaded good care of it, Six Heavens! Why do you think?