Samina Merchant, Dec 7, , In most of the central and western parts of the United States, speed limits range from 70 to 85 miles per hour. Samina Merchant, Feb 4, , 7: Article – Save or Get Rid of the Penny. Awareness of audience and purpose is shown by a conclusion which summarizes the argument. There are tips to succeed in writing your essay.

Yeah, I remember when gas was above four bucks in What the NHTSA found was fewer people died in traffic related accidents because of the lower speed limits. Awareness of audience and purpose is shown by a conclusion which summarizes the argument. Camaros are not made to just cruise. Anchor Reponse – Analyzing Speed Limits. Mastering essay writing takes a lot of practice and reading.

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Samina Merchant, Jan 28,5: Also, other important evidence shows that lower speed limits save lives. Drafting “Counter Claim” Paragraph.

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Article – Vegetarianism vs. The criteria for evaluating evidence are underlined. In her Washington Post editorial, Keepit Slow argues that speed limits below 60 miles per hour save gas and lives. If you get hit or hit somebody, your better made car and air bags will save you!


Experimental Design Lesson 2: When the energy crisis came inthe National Maximum Speed Law established a 55 mile per hour limit for the entire country. Anchor Reponse – Analyzing Speed Limits.

ged rla essay

It says that speed limits save lives and gas. To make sure we do not move too fast, highway speed limits have been a fact of life for many years. From to the National Maximum Speed Law lowered the speed limit to 55 for the entire country. Many students fear the writing part of the GED test. I just read some stupid article from somebody about why speed limits are a good thing.

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Grammar and Mechanics Review. Article – Are Cell Phones Safe. They found that driving under 60 would save Americans 2 billion dollars a year in fuel costs. Keep it real, dudes and dudettes! Of course I was out in my mean machine. Everybody knows that cars today are so much better made. Inthe Pew Trust did a study on speed limits and traffic deaths.

Anchor Response – Daylight Savings Time. Dude, I just love to boogity, boogity, boogity. Thankfully, there are ways to make this part easy for you.


ged rla essay

Not in a creepy stalker weirdo way but in the way that all we care about is helping you pass your test as FAST as possible. Political Cartoons, Maps, and Charts.

Anchor Response – Plastic Bags. Those robots do a much better job making cars than those drunks on the assembly line did back in the s.

S pecific evidence from the text is in italics. Science Short Answer Lesson 1: Article – Analyzing Speed Limits. My next post will be coming at you soon.

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Speed limits in America go back to in Boston when it was illegal for horses to move faster than a walking pace on Sundays. Reading Comprehension Strategies Reading Overview.

Just last week I paid just over three bucks a gallon.