Students wishing to have the review of a qualifying paper completed by the end of a fall semester must submit the paper by October 15 and students wishing to have the review of a qualifying paper completed by the end of a spring semester must submit the paper by March Is it well organized and clear? A paper will be graded High Pass when it is judged worthy of submission to a professional journal. When a student feels she is prepared to take her language exam, she should contact the DGS, who will set up the exam with an appropriate faculty member. Each award is guaranteed for six years five years for students entering with an M.

Reed Winegar, Placement Officer Phone: The survey must be completed before the dissertation and defense paperwork is submitted to GSAS. The list should be ordered toward the area rather than some problem or topic within an area of philosophy. The uploaded thesis should be in its final version, including any changes required by the committee and in the proper format as indicated in Appendix E of the GSAS Academic Policies and Procedures Guidebook. Mentors on leave should work out with the student a plan for continued involvement during the leave period. The faculty members designated as readers agree to read the completed dissertation and possibly to be involved in the process of its production.

It is not necessary that the author secure the agreement and consent disserhation the committee members even the mentor to his or her main conclusions, but it is expected that these will tsas defended cogently and knowledgeably.

Students who qualify will receive a description of the program and an invitation to apply from the Chair or Associate Chair of the department after grades for the Fall Semester Junior Year have been posted and before registration for Fall Semester Senior Year begins. GSAS currently offers the following fellowships, usually applied for in the following guidepines No appointment is necessary. Oral exam dates for the fall must be set by October 15th and for the spring by March 15th.


Its focus is perhaps more on the questions being asked in the dissertation than on the answers being given, though this is not incompatible with having one or more working hypotheses or tentative theses. Students successfully completing the thesis-option M.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines | Fordham

As they seek to sharpen the topic to the place where it can become a written proposal, students should discuss their ideas with a variety of faculty members by no means to the exclusion of fellow students. This will qualify a student to complete the requirement in that semester gyidelines if scheduling conflicts dictate that the defense by moved into the early part of the following semester.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Hence, students should plan accordingly and allow themselves time to revise their submitted papers and have them evaluated before the end of the fourth term. Students entering the Ph. Proposals should be presented during the fall and spring terms and not requested during vacation periods.

A date for the dissertation proposal defense must be set by October 15 for a defense in the fall semester and by March 15 for a defense in the spring semester. Submit your dissertation with the proper format. Students then take six graduate courses at the level or above in the fifth year in order to complete the required 27 credit-hours 9 courses for the M.

The complete dissertation should be in the hands of the mentor and two readers at least four weeks prior to the defense. I will follow your blog.

With those caveats, here is the list of questions: Dissertation What Students Can Expect Shortly after completing the dissertation area reading list oral examination, students need to select both a topic and a mentor director for their dissertation. Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Dissertwtion The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University offers approximately seven financial aid awards per year to students entering the doctoral program in philosophy.

Dissertahion Survey as part of your presentation.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Newer Post Older Post Home. Tutorsindia Dissertatioon 27, at gssas Follow the instructions to create an account. Again, like the solutions above, this option lessens the sense that the dissertation is just an exercise, and actually makes it useful to society, or to a company.


It should demonstrate a high level of philosophical comprehension and an extensive mastery of the appropriate primary and secondary sources. Students not registered for 9 credits but still wishing to be considered full-time students should fill out a “Matriculated Student Status Certification” form and have it signed by the DGS.

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Also, if you wish to meet with the Associate Dean, you do not need to do so by the deadline on the GSAS Academic Calendaras long as your paperwork is completed by then. However, you are invited and encouraged to submit your paperwork during designated time blocks, when the Associate Dean will be available to answer any questions, chat with you, and congratulate you! If you would like to meet with the Associate Dean but cannot be available during these designated times, you may request a phone call or separate meeting time.

No student receiving a grade of Fail from any examiner can achieve an overall grade of High Pass for an exam.

GSAS Policies and Procedures Guidebook

Under normal circumstances, a reasonable response time for responding to guiddlines proposed reading list will be no longer than weeks. The Fordham philosophy faculty take special pride in guidslines assisting their graduate students insofar as they wish to prepare for careers as teacher-scholars. Students entering without an M. Dissertating students, for their part, should remain in contact with their mentors and readers, respond to communications and feedback for revisions in a timely manner, and keep mentors and readers informed of any needed alterations to the working timeline or target completion date.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

From there you can check your registration status, search for classes, and add or drop classes from your schedule.