The system of subgenera originated with the work of Christophers, who in described three subgenera: Reid and Knight modified this classification and consequently subdivided the subgenus Anopheles into two sections, Angusticorn and Laticorn and six series. To determine the need for the application of a nasal cannula, which assessment is most important for the nurse to perform? C Measure capillary refill. Infection of the insect larval form is frequently tissue-specific, and commonly involves the fat body. I am aware of what a nasal cannula is. Anopheles mosquitoes can be distinguished from other mosquitoes by the palps , which are as long as the proboscis, and by the presence of discrete blocks of black and white scales on the wings.

Two distinct life cycles are found in this group. Do you have a textbook? Larvae swim either by jerky movements of the entire body or through propulsion with the mouth brushes. I am not in nursing class yet, but just read these questions carefully and the answers are there. Nasal flaring The answer for 2 is C and D.

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Think of the pattern you’re supposed to go in. The abdomen is specialized for food digestion and egg development. Like most culicine species, the genome is diploid with six anewers.


Judicious use of insecticides for mosquito control can limit the evolution and spread of resistance.

evolve case study breathing patterns answers

While females can live longer than a month in captivity, most do not live longer than one to two weeks in nature. Female mosquitoes are particularly drawn to foot odours, and one of the tests showed infected mosquitoes landing and biting a prospective host repeatedly.

Resistance of mosquitoes to some insecticides has been documented with just within a few years after the insecticides were introduced.

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Josh Haskell, a nine-year-old boy, is brought to the Health Center by his mother because he is experiencing dyspnea and a cough. The head and thorax are merged into a cephalothorax with the abdomen curving around underneath.

evolve case study breathing patterns answers

Endophilic mosquitoes are readily controlled by indoor spraying of residual insecticides. The mosquito larva has a well-developed head with mouth brushes used for feeding, a large thorax and a nine-segment abdomen.

One study suggested Parathelohania is an early diverging genus within this group. The blood is answer over time, serving breathhing a source of protein for the production of eggs, which gradually fill the abdomen. Many species prefer habitats with vegetation. To determine the need for the application of a nasal cannula, which assessment is most important for the nurse to perform? For a full description, see section Systematics and the main article: The answer for 1 is C.

Larvae breathe through spiracles located on the eighth abdominal segment, so must come to the surface frequently.


evolve case study breathing patterns answers

The classification continues to be revised. After obtaining a full blood meal, the female will rest for a few days while the blood is digested and eggs are developed.

Whispera works as casw working in a free clinic. D Observe chest excursion. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The larger subgenera AnophelesCellia and Nyssorhynchus have been subdivided into sections and series which in turn have been stjdy into groups and subgroups.

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The thorax is specialized for locomotion. Taxonomy of Anopheles Some important species are: I’m sure this confidence will come with time and more experience.

The Angusticorn section includes members of the AnophelesCycloleppteron and Lophoscelomyia series. Jul 21, by Jjearkwein. Apr 11, by Whispera.

B Auscultate breath sounds.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The time required for development in the mosquito the extrinsic incubation period ranges from 10—21 days, depending on the parasite stucy and the temperature. Does it make sense to check capillary refill and based on that give someone oxygen or observe chest excursion etc.