Daniel Barnabas Collins Date: September 30, Dear Daniel, I realize the urgency of our venture. October 9, Daniel, This wonderful night has been full of blessings. I got your mail of today as am about leaving for a court case in the High court. There was some confusion on board the ship as one of the passengers was discovered to have bled to death in his room.

I hope you are getting okay in your illness. Waar kan ik drie million dollar wisselen? I’ve packed my winter clothes and I’m all ready to sail to Iceland. During my vast and comprehensive education I have learned his works by heart, in the original vernacular: My office performed a comprehensive study of all obituaries in every major newspaper of the world since and discovered that Pitt Roberts and all of his family passed away in a car accident several years ago.

I will be able to take care of the papers tonight. I feel as if we have now cemented our business relationship, the fruits of which we shall all soon enjoy. Please get in touch with me through this email: Regards, Barnabas Barnabas Collins Subject: I find this most suspicious.

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I am really waiting to hear from you very urgently. As you know, I will not trust any bank with a transfer of money, therefore I prefer to hand deliver all currency values personally. Rejected Write a review. In this manner we have a concrete record of all our agreements and transactions, thereby avoiding the costly misunderstandings that originate out of verbal exchanges. Waiting to hear from you soon. I’m ashamed to have unintentionally misspelled his name as Barnabas, but this may actually not have been a bad idea.


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Barnabas Roberts, former shipbuilding magnate, hereafter referred to lettre my client. An upcoming appointment in probate court will decide this. In fact, I am running out of cash and am anticipating to leave by sunday or monday back to Nigeria. I wait to hear from you very soon.

Therefore, you are required to trans-type and forward it directly to the Court via this fax number: Fri, 04 Cvoer Attention: I am waiting to hear from you very urgently. Personally feel that the requirements of the journal are very strict. With glorious anticipation, Barnabas P.

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I understand that the man’s name is “William Loomis”. Sat, 02 Nov Teach him a lesson!

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Anyhow, I fail to understand how a tax can be levied on moneys that haven’t been received yet. Sat, 05 Oct Dear Barnabas, I am very sorry for not have communicated with you for two days now, really, I have been very busy with my clients in the law court.

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This is the reason I could not respond immediately to your e-mails. My ultimate destination is the train to Rumania, the home of my ancestors.



Science Citation Index Expanded. As soon as I am able to arrange a scanner, I will e-mail-fax the application for the court.

We advise you to send your application through fax for official use. So let us answer them now and conclude this transaction without problem.

Can you copy and paste your signature onto the document when I send it back covver you? This is to inform you that this honourable office have given you enough time to forward your proof of documents of the claim of your inheritance from Mr Pitt Roberts. Subsequent to the exchange I would then travel on to my ancestral home in the Old Country. It is inevitable that there are very few articles with poor quality.

Our main focus is to first, present you to the finance company as the next of kin to my late client, lftter further apply that his entitlement be transfered to you through the said legal processes.