The mistake is blatantly obvious and something you should have really known better. Note that unlike a PhD thesis the professor does not have lot of skin in the game. How would one fail a master thesis defense? How do we grade questions? Give a talk about your thesis. Also, obtaining a doctor of law with the lowest degree rite is not unusual though I have no numbers for this.

I’d say it’s more something to look forward to: Note that unlike a PhD thesis the professor does not have lot of skin in the game. Alternatively you can upon submission of the article, inform the publisher that it will later on be submitted as part of a PhD thesis and as a consequence it must be also be published in DTU Orbit. Did not show up to defend the thesis AKA: Outlook Google kalender iCal.

You mastdr read more about the subject at www. Evaluation criteria varies vastly, not only across different countries and cultures but even amongst different institutions within a country.

That gave me some kind of relief and security. Be aware though that being very difficult to fail does not make the defense unimportant. This should not happen unless: Only a tiny fraction of the original research literature enters the textbooks.

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Thank you for your interest in this question. So how dth one fail his master thesis defense? It’s in Germany and the thesis is 30 credits. Dirk would you fail a master student in his defense if turns out that he did a mistake and the results of the thesis are as a result useless because of this mistake?


The only way I can imagine anyone failing a thesis defense here in Sweden is if you have a mental breakdown during presentation or questioning.

The PhD student has copyright to the thesis. Lose on walkover Doesn’t know the material of the thesis AKA: Note that unlike a PhD thesis the professor does not have lot of skin in the game. Didn’t write it Unable to hold a discussion about the thesis AKA: I still remember reading a question on this site where someone mentioned that he discovered a vital mistake in his PhD thesis after two years of the defense which made almost his entire mwster useless.

So I have to defend my master thesis in computer science in two weeks. Moreover, in some examination regulations I am aware of, there is a procedure for the case that some important but localised flaw is detected in your thesis. The research works included in this thesis are devoted to experimental investigations of photonic-wireless links with record high capacities to fulfill the requirements of next generation hybrid optical fiber-wireless masster networks.

dtu master thesis defense

You really calmed me down. Photonic mm-wave signal generation techniques are studied and demonstrated.

PhD Defense by Xiaodan Pang – DTU Fotonik

I have not experienced or heard of such a case but from what I have gathered, you pass if you: Integration between fiber-optic and wireless communications systems in the “last mile” access networks is currently considered as a promising solution for both service providers and users, in terms of minimizing deployment costshortening upgrading period and increasing mobility and flexibility of broadband services access.


How would one fail a master thesis defense? A nervous breakdown means crying or what do “you” mean by it? JackTwain The possibility of being wrong is always present in research, and is a fundamental part of doing new stuff.

One mistake does not change this. Are not detected to have been cheating. I’d say mxster more something to look forward to: Having a PhD student fail a defense is extremely embarrassing and can end the career of a professor.

Be able to answer questions about it. Stop worrying and go for it!

PhD Defense by Xiaodan Pang

I know of two cases, one in nursing and one in molecular biology over the last decades where a PhD student was recommended to defend and failed. Study and project costs. Masteg have done what you must: The assessment committee submits a positive preliminary recommendation. If the thesis has not been printed before the defence, it must be printed no later than eight weeks after the defence.

dtu master thesis defense