This is turn means that the problem definitions, analysis categories and methods that are developed are also automatically placed in the context of the nation state and its organisations and institutions. Anne Sebastiani, annesebastiani web. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Dr. We therefore suggest to re-visit studies of remigration and return visits on a methodological level by highlighting different disciplines and methodological approaches utilized in this field. Therefore, remigration is increasingly a transnational return. The subsequent authorization of the application by the executive board is made after he researcher submits the receipt document provided in the portal to the executive board for signature.

Family Constellations, Expectations and Negotiations in Remigration more. In line with the histological data, neurofunctional data was not significantly different between groups. A corresponding sample application from the University Medical Center Mainz can be found in the Downloads section. A systematic review and recommendations for future research. A good overview of the foundations registered in Germany is available on the homepage of the Stifterverband. Transmigration , Remigration , and Soziale Arbeit. For applied primer sequences see Table 2.

We will be provided with an authorization token please note: Susanne Marie Sofie Haufen-Stiftung.

The reality is often far removed from such theoretical concepts, and the questions of how a brain gain for Africa could look like and how it could be achieved is the crucial question for most interested parties involved. Graph disesrtation indicate mean and standard deviation throughout the figures. Most of the funding allocated to individual projects that can be applied for at any time and unimefizin the annually changing calls for young researchers. Protein quality control during aging involves recruitment of the macroautophagy pathway by BAG3.


Brain Gain oder Brain Clash?

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Jan Unimediizn, MD Postdoc. Paula LudovicoUniversity of Minho, Portugal. Autophagy activation involved in hypoxic-ischemic brain injury induces cognitive and memory impairment in neonatal rats. Overall, the aim of the symposium is to promote the connectability of social work to transnational day-to-day worlds which are of key unlmedizin for its future if it wants to support people to cope with the challenges of everyday live and live meaningful lives in a globalised world.

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The Volkswagen Foundation promotes science and technology in research and teaching. A dysregulation of this degradation pathway has been reported to occur in many neurodegenerative processes like post-traumatic stress disorder Zheng et al.

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TransmigrationRemigrationand Soziale Arbeit. Research meanwhile provides a great deal of evidence that it is not only specific mwinz groups e.

Family Constellations, Expectations and Unimediizn in Remigration more. Lisa Pflaum MD student Resistance against oxidative stress.

Internet- and mobile-based aftercare and follow-up for mental disorders: The food that the animals received was a standard commercial regular rodent diet.

Remember me on unimedizjn computer. Methodological reflections on approaches to the “back “-side of migration” at the Inter-Congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences IUAES focusing on “World anthropologies and privatization of knowledge: The present study investigates if an uncoupling of the SQSTM1 dependent drive of autophagy by use of SQSTM1 deficient animals is important for the formation of brain damage and impairment of neurological function after experimental TBI.


Being an educational scientist my research uses an actor-based and life-world approach by highlighting processes of agency, empowerment and social support. Depending on the situation autophagy may serve as pro-survival or pro-death mechanism.

After washing protein bands were detected using Odyssey Imaging Systems and their intensities were measured with Image Studio Version 3. Essential control of mitochondrial morphology and function by chaperone-mediated autophagy through degradation of PARK7.

dissertation unimedizin mainz

Skip to main content. It facilitates research projects in promising areas and helps scientific institutions improve structural conditions for their work. Verhaltenstherapie, 29 For this purpose, the foundation has approved over million euros for clinical and clinical-experimental research projects since its founding, placing it as an dissertwtion source non-state funding for innovative research in Germany. Characterization of the BI-1 protein family.

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Ambrish Saxena, MSci Research associate. Ischemic preconditioning of rat primary neuronal cultures. Rollenfunktionen und transnationale Vernetzungsstrategien von NGOs in der deutsch-kenianischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.

dissertation unimedizin mainz

More information on the the foundation and the award is available here GER. We are very pleased to offer insights into current research with four articles that all apply a transnational social network approach. It can — if at all —, however, be realised in different ways.