You should not ask people to do your data gathering for you especially when the data is readily available elsewhere. The main point to recognise about measurement is that each level of measurement requires a certain type of analysis that is more appropriate than others. The research design should tell you how your sam- ple needs to be drawn, to whom you should target your questionnaire and how many to issue. It is concerned with the nature of measurement in research. The main advantages of the open type of questions are therefore:

Is it a specific problem or a gener- alized one? Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. It begins by choosing a list of names and addresses of participants with specific charac- teristics, for example the top contractors who are offering alternative procure- ment methods and undertaking refurbishment work for commercial clients. Additional reading Green, J. Therefore, for a large number of objects you need to ask the respondents to rank for you a number of factors say five factors out of many factors as in the example shown in Table 6. It is a straight- forward means of collecting information and the data can be analysed easily.

Here, the interview technique is usually selected as a method of data collection see Chapter 5. However, as the book follows the interrelated process of conducting a research, it can studebts be useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students of baoum disciplines. In addition to supervising BSc and MSc dissertations, he works with PhD students researching construction management problems. If you are conducting case studies interviews then a relative small number of cases interview sample is used for inferences to all cases a population.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students : Shamil Naoum :

Most ques- tionnaires, whether for descriptive or analytical purposes, almost certainly begin by asking factual questions such as: Proposal 2 in Appendix 1 is an example of theoretically based research. It also suggests that a single cause can have a specific effect. I have divided the process of dissertation research into three parts, which are best carried out in the order presented.


It also provides criteria for writing the questions.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

For instance, he used the statis- tical data provided by the Health writting Safety Executive Statistical Services Unit in Liverpool to analyse figures and present them in graphs.

The checklist questions are specially designed for a group of respondents who have accurate information and can answer the questions with a high degree of certainty. References and additional reading Bell, J.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students

The little extra time it takes to complete a pilot study test will be well spent. Dissertation Research and Writing for Ny Students serves as a reference source and a guide for BSc and MSc students writing their dissertation in partial fulfilment of their degree requirements. Questionnaire construction is discussed in Chapter 6, but the following discussion summarises the format of questions that can be asked in the exploratory study.

The parties are also in control of proceedings, they are free to arrive at commercial decisions and explore all possible avenues of settlement Jawad, The ratio level is similar to the interval except it involves a natural zero. This means that you need to do a great deal of reading and clear thinking to identify the problem and your area of interest.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

The second edition retains the same underlying theme, aims and approaches. Having found that the difference in price among five tenderers is minute, you decided to make the selection on the basis of which contractor best meets the following criteria: A grand tour question.

Numerical rating scale The numerical rating is another common questionnaire format. The survey approach Surveys are used to gather data from a relatively large number of respondents within a limited time frame.


It explained the survey approach, the case study approach, action research and archival data collection approach. A cover letter must succeed in overcoming any resistance or prejudice the respond- ent may have against the survey.

This means that they take up very little room and a great deal of information can be kept in a small space.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

He also took the accident statistics for the construction industry and separated them into their elements and components to show their type and relation to employ- ees. Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to the staff of Butterworth- Heinemann who masterfully crafted the production of djssertation book. American Journal of Sociology, 51, — After deciding on the technique, your next step is to construct your questionnaire. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

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It can be both descriptive and analytical. Nevertheless, most of these questions have to be asked when collecting primary data as well. How do the students, co-operating teachers, fot mem- bers, and pupils act? For example, individual clients asked about the use of construction manage- ment for their projects might give the following answers: In this for- mat, respondents are asked to give scores on an analogy, a service or an event.