Do not go back to a longwinded explanation of your results but instead give a brief and clear statement of what these results show. Title page This content has been archived! Group work Professional Skills: The data from both sets will be synthesised to establish if correlation points exist between major geological events and planetary alignments. Unscheduled research time will enable you to work independently, to manage your own study arrangements, and to develop a project on a topic of particular interest to you, and which you will have selected in the light of having completed most of your undergraduate programme. The reference list at the end of your work demonstrates the depth of your research. Find out which sections you need to include by asking your supervisor, by identifying what is standard practice in your discipline or by reading papers written by other students:.

To avoid plagiarism, make sure you include references within your assignment to all sources you use and then include full details of all the sources in a reference list at the end of your work. Whilst every endeavour will be made to present a global perspective, many original documents are written in languages other than English. The literature survey will be as thorough as possible and will be complete by the time the dissertation is written up in full. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies on the University of Southampton website. Work backwards from your deadline and leave yourself a few days to print and bind. Key terms for dissertations and major projects Click on the words below to see a description of what they mean in the context of your university studies. Student academic misconduct Weblink opens in new window.


Position the window carefully in the centre of the page. The book explains the sections required for both proposal and dissertation, and offers helpful downloadable templates to assist with the presentation. Irish Fiction since the s. However, not every dissertation includes all these sections.

Your School should proopsal you with a standard Solent University dissertation cover. Main body – conclusion This content has been archived!

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Archived Material (Dissertations)

If someone else chooses to carry out the same or a very similar type of study, they should be able to understand and copy your methods from your descriptions. Give yourself plenty of time to get your printing and binding done.

dissertation proposal solent

This is usually restricted to the main body as the overall structure is often prescribed. Check for the normal practice in your subject. The general idea is that, should someone else choose to carry out the same or a very similar type of study, they should be able to understand and copy your methods from your descriptions.

The Abstract is a summarised version of your complete paper. You may also need to reflect on the whole process.

Check with your dolent or department whether you should be including recommendations in your dissertation or not. Plan your work carefully so you have plenty of time to get these last details right. The List of illustrations is positioned after the Contents page on a separate page and before the Introduction. These would normally be included in your List of illustrations. Plagiarism proppsal taking the words, theories, creations or ideas of another person and passing them off as your own.


Obtaining technical translation of these documents may prove difficult due to financial constraints. Some dissertations have a reference disserhation, some have a bibliography, some have both. Group work Professional Skills: Numbering the sections makes it easy to know where you are in the dissertation at any one time.

Do you get the most out of the sources you use?

Archived Material (Dissertations): Methodology

Everyone else will proposak too! Scope and constraints This content has been archived! Always check with your tutor first. Give an outline of the structure of your dissertation in this section.

dissertation proposal solent

Supervisions will give you the opportunity to present and discuss your research and work in progress. It can also form a good basis if you wish to go on to study at postgraduate level.

dissertation proposal solent

Notice that the template title page shows through the picture of the cover. Having successfully completed this module, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:.

Solet all projects look the same. Avoid doing this excessively as you may make the structure too complicated.