No requests for own title could be made after this date. Perhaps few subjects are as dogged by the discrepancy between myth and reality than the law of the European Union. Criminal Law 20 Credits. For full details view our Locations tab. Where does this duty come from and who benefits from it?

You should also consider the different stages of the contract process and what the duties of disclosure are at each stage: Essays, dissertations and coursework guidance Some simple steps you can take to help you prepare for writing essays: Insurance Law Introduction to the topic One of the key doctrines that insurance law shares with general contract law is the concept of misrepresentation. Conclusion Your conclusion should summarize the main points of your answer. Critically discuss this statement Guidance Notes Introduction An answer to this question will identify jurisdictions that are worth considering to give a full answer to this question. Property Law Introduction to the topic Adverse possession is an informal method of acquiring land ownership in England and Wales.

Articles by Selina Badiani 18 Jan Selina Badiani Trainee Secondments Researcn you are just starting out in your legal career, or are simply finding out more about becoming a solicitor, you have probably heard a January, September Length of Programme: Acceptance of any suggested essay title will be subject to a number of factors: This website uses cookies researvh improve your user experience.

Opportunities at law firms. Your discussion might include the following: Guideline Notes Introduction There is no one single correct way of structuring an essay but there are plenty of ways of poorly structuring one.

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It should also give some indication of your own view on whether the current law on unfair dismissal does enough to permit employers to quickly and fairly dismiss underperforming staff members. Critically evaluate whether the current law on unfair dismissal does enough to permit employers to quickly and fairly dismiss underperforming staff members. Your answer must analyse these decisions and set out the legal position in relation to physician assisted death.


Land Law 20 Credits. Help Center Find new research papers in: Trade mark law protects business signs, whereas Copyright protects creative works such as books, films, songs and artistic works and Patent law protects inventions capable of industrial application. We recommend you apply as soon as you’re ready — priority is given to applicants who have placed BPP as their first choice. A changing legal profession.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Tutorials including EU are delivered online where you interact with your peers and your tutor live in a virtual classroom as well as in dedicated rooms at the Law School. In particular, your criminal studies will include: All study notes, casebooks and textbooks, which ijdependent all required reading for tutorials, pile up to nearly a metre high!

The suggested points above are neither exhaustive nor conclusive.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Students should consider how these duties have been applied since the Act came into force. Please note that we ask you to provide a password so that you can access MyLCN and edit your subscriber details, including email preferences.

Please enter your Student Registration Number followed by a brief title of your essay, eg. In answering the question, you may want to consider, among others, the following issues: Students could also consider how the Companies Act compares to corporate governance legislation in other jurisdictions, in order to compare the relevant duties of directors in this and other jurisdictions.


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You will study up to 21 hours a week consisting of live and online lectures and classes dependent on location and start date. This system of rules, which started developing rapidly in the 20th century, takes its roots in concerns which developed in response to industrialisation and urbanisation.

Any developments in case law should be highlighted and discussed in light of the quote. Further, there should have been no devaluation. While well-established currencies, principally reserve currencies, were resolute through the crisis, more nascent currencies such as the Euro came under real pressure as the banking crisis impacted national public deficit ratios of some Eurozone countries.

It may be appropriate to refer to courts in jurisdictions not mentioned in the question where they have influenced decisions by the courts in the United Kingdom and by the Court of Justice or where they can be used to critique the approach by those courts.

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It is also a good idea at this stage to give some indication of your eventual conclusion. You also get access to a free personal MyLCN account. Life as a solicitor. While the law in this area may now appear to be settled, in reality it is difficult to apply, with the result that parties to a contract of insurance may find themselves unknowingly uninsured.

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bpp gdl independent research essay

Academic commentary will be useful to help formulate an opinion.