Thus, they cannot concentrate and study properly. The books and media used in the lessons are usually available online, thus if one wants to review the lessons, they can download the books and media used in the lessons. In addition, they may benefit from well-developed education and health systems. Secondary Menu Skip to content. Online education provides people with flexibility.

In my opinion, if a person has an opportunity to go to a well-developed foreign country, he or she should benefit from this opportunity for his or her future. Pets such as dogs follow their owners’ orders and they also like to play with their owners. For a single child, a pet is like a sibling. Online education has been developed to solve this problem. Moreover, they find new friends when they find a new home. Pets are enjoyed by children and children become their best friends. What is more, pets are time-consuming.

Learn how avanta comment data is processed. A social networking site is a website which allows people to share information and socialize over the internet. Many people have developed sssay close relationship with their pets that they treat their pets as members of their family. Thus, in contrast to traditional education, the students do not have to slow down or force themselves to keep up with the rest of the class. For example, they may get a good job and a high salary so they can buy what they want and they may live how they desire.


All of them live in different countries and have special cultures.

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On the other hand, it may be difficult for people to adapt to örnekeri new surroundings. In some countries, there are laws which do not let anyone to have certain kinds of dogs which are considered dangerous such as bulldogs.

Furthermore, online education has many advantages, which makes it seen as an alternative to traditional education. Some pets protect their owners from threats. For this reason, some people want to go to essaj foreign countries, especially to the U.

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Most social networking sites match people according to their interests. Online education enables the students to learn at their own pace.

With their advantages and disadvantages, pets are a part of our lives. Online education provides people with flexibility. Since there is no transportation and material expenditure, even students dezavanatj low budget can receive online education.

Secondly, the learning speed of the students vary a lot. Thus, people can improve their abilities.

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Pets such as dogs follow their owners’ orders and they also like to play with their owners. On the other hand, social networking sites enable people to improve their relationships and make new friends. Otherwise, those animals could get hurt staying outside. Online education is a type of education which is offered over the internet.

Sometimes they may feel isolated, frustrated, and lonely. In addition, they may benefit from well-developed education and health systems. They also strongly believe that if they go there, they will earn more money.


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On the other hand, pets can be expensive to take care of. For instance, if a student has internet connection problems, the lessons could be postponed to a later date örnwkleri the problems are solved. Finally, they become more independent by having to deal with difficult situations on their own. Children will eventually grow and take care of themselves but pets cannot.

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To start with, pets are great companions for their owners and share their loneliness. Show Header Sidebar Content.

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The flexibility and inexpensiveness of online education and allowing students to learn at their own pace makes online education an alternative to traditional education. Lastly, online education is cheaper compared to traditional education.

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Furthermore, one can participate in lots of social activities. To begin with, students who are heavy social media users tend to have lower grades since dszavantaj are always bothered with social media, they do not have time to study.